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Name: Gitanjali Chettri
Position: Senior Software Developer 
Location: Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore

My name is Gitanjali and I am a Senior Software Developer with Philips. I am part of the team that handles software for CT scanners and we are located in the Philips Innovation Campus in Bangalore.


After graduating from Vellore Institute of Technology with a bachelors in Engineering, I was lucky to secure an internship here at Philips back in January 2015. I interned in the same team that I am currently in now, and was ecstatic to be able to convert that internship into a full-time role.


Even as an intern, I was not getting small “background” tasks, but impactful assignments that were very much aligned to my university studies. That made me realise that if I was offered a full-time role at Philips, I would be able to handle more important work that would delve deeper into the knowledge I attained during my four years degree course.


Philips develops medical instruments and software systems that answer to the demands of the healthcare sector. For example, products like our CT or MRI scanners or our patient handling systems are utilized in hospitals, research centres and even for home-care. What we do here is to come up with methods to make these products more accessible to everyone and more efficient.


Most healthcare devices tend to be bulky and costly, which means that they are not suitable for rural sites. My goal is to look towards better health-tech for the rural areas of India.


In my current role at Philips, I get to learn about the architecture and technology behind devices and systems, and my main aim is to get a good grasp of these so that I can eventually work towards making them more portable and affordable. Philips encourages you to gain experience to come up with new ideas to better the world.


For someone like me who has a passion in healthcare and engineering, Philips is a company where you know you are improving people's lives through the complex healthcare technology systems and software, and that's the most important aspect to me.