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15 August 2019

Thank you for visiting the Philips Social Media House Rules page. We value your feedback and welcome your tags, mentions and comments. These Social Media House Rules govern your submissions on the social media channels of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and its affiliated companies (“Philips”). In addition to the Philips Social Media House Rules, the Philips Terms of Use are applicable to your access and use of our social media channels.

The goals of our social media channels are to provide our followers and customers the latest news from Philips and the health technology industry, as well as provide a platform for peer to peer discussion.

By engaging on the Philips social media channels you confirm that you follow the Philips Social Media House Rules below.

You are responsible for anything you post on our social media channels. Therefore, you shall:

1. Only upload content of which you are the sole author, and do not share content that belongs to someone else, without getting their permission first. You cannot submit content that infringes any third party's copyright, portrait rights.

2. Upload content that is accurate, true and current.

3. Do not provide any confidential information or information you consider private, such as contact, personal or health-related information about you or anyone else.

4. Always be respectful. Never use threatening, abusive, defamatory, sexually explicit, unlawful or similarly inappropriate language.

5. Do not submit content for which you were paid by a third party.

6. Stay on topic. Make sure your input adds value to the platform. Comments that are largely off-topic and add no value may be removed. Spamming or persistent commenting will not be tolerated. Do not submit content that refers to third party websites, (email) addresses, contact information or phone numbers.

If your actions do not adhere to these Philips Social Media House Rules, we may remove your content or limit your access as a follower to our pages.

If we really like content that you post about Philips or our products and services, or if your content is otherwise relevant for our business, we may like (or share) this within the Philips social media channel. If we love your post and want to use it for other purposes, we will reach out in advance and ask for your permission.

We aim to respond to comments and questions as soon as possible. However, if you have any specific or urgent questions, you can also reach out to our Social Care team here:

a) Twitter: @Philipscare
b) Facebook: Philips (global) Facebook page

The Philips owned content on our social media channels is protected by intellectual property rights, such a copyright. You are not allowed to copy or use any content outside of our social channels.

You should know that nearly every image, photo or graphic of third parties is also protected by copyright, so make sure that you have permission, before using or sharing it in another place. It is not enough to tell people who took the photo or who created the image or graphic. A right holder may still find your posting of their image online and send you a claim. Do some extra work first to find out the source, so you can determine if you need a license, or it is offered in the public domain.

The terms of use of the social platforms are applicable to your engagement via the social platform, please make sure you are aware of them (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).

We reserve the right to modify or change these Social Media House Rules. We will clearly state the date of the latest version at the top of this page. For information on how Philips processes your personal data outside of this platform, please read the Philips Privacy Notice.

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