"End-to-end expertise through development, manufacturing and service of wide range of systems"

Healthcare Innovation Centre (HIC) is a manufacturing hub of Philips healthcare. Teams of R&D, design, software developers, mechatronics & product marketing work together to build a product starting from market requirement understanding until delivery. Products innovated and manufactured at HIC are launched/ shipped in both Indian and global markets.

Philips India has established its healthcare R&D centre in one of the fastest growing cities in the Asia-Pacific region, Pune, which is ranked 145 by the ‘Mercer 2017 Quality of Living rankings’ for local living conditions amongst the 440 cities globally, second in India after Hyderabad (144).It also highlights Pune among the evolving business Centres.


The teams of experts and best-in-class talent from top educational institutes work closely to bridge the gap between better technology and actual clinical needs. A key goal at HIC is to reduce risk to life through predictive maintenance. In this context, HIC is developing technologies using Big Data to predict system failure and reduce risk to life.

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Work which is purposeful & meaningful


HIC manufactures both interventional and diagnostic X-Ray systems. Innovation with purpose is our core Philosophy. The way we live and work, each member of HIC strives to deliver Innovations that make a difference in the lives of our customers and their patients.The equipment developed in HIC include fixed & mobile diagnostic imaging, mobile surgery, Cath lab equipment, mammography device. Post market analysis, the team develops concepts from value products to get break through cost innovation for subsystems to premium segment products. Driving localization across the portfolio.

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