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How I grew with Philips over 17 years 

Purnawan Zaini

Name: Purnawan Zaini

Role: Senior Supply Chain Manager, Philips Health Systems Indonesia
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

My Key to Career Progression


My journey with Philips started way back in 1999. Even 17 years ago, Philips was already a huge name in Electronics, and this prestige was what initially attracted me to join the company.


I joined as a Supply Chain Officer (Production Planner) at a factory of Philips Lighting in Surabaya. Since then my career has progressed, and I’ve been promoted and given the chance to take on numerous roles. This has enabled me to gain a diverse exposure across Philips divisions and entities!


One definite contributing factor to my steady career progression is the encouraging people that I get the chance to work with at Philips. I consider myself fortunate to have had managers and supervisors who listened to my aspirations of becoming a Supply Chain Manager one day. That day finally came when I was offered my current role as the Supply Chain Manager for Health Systems Indonesia in 2013, prompting me to move from Philips Lighting to the Healthcare Division at Philips*.

*Philips Lighting has been operating as a separate entity w.e.f. June 2016.

Finding Meaning in Your Profession


After 13 years in lighting, the move to healthcare was a welcome one. Though I

remained within my expertise in Supply Chain, lighting and healthcare are of two completely different natures. I picked up many new things while assimilating into my new role.


My role entails overseeing the flow of information and goods between factories/suppliers, warehouses, and customers/project sites, including to ensure on time medical equipment installation, training and hand over with the end user. Wonder what keeps me motivated? Well, I’m driven by my genuine enjoyment of coordinating and problem-solving! So, my advice to you, if you’re looking for an ideal job, is to find an area of work that allows you to carry out the tasks that you enjoy.


Beyond my usual responsibilities, I now find greater meaning in what I do. For example, in the course of my work, I coordinate the delivery and installation of medical equipment to hospitals in rural areas of Indonesia, which would otherwise not have access to such technology. It is gratifying to know that I have a hand in making a difference to people’s lives in Indonesia.

Valuing People and Talent


If there is one fact that I can vouch for in my many years of experience is that Philips values its people. Over the course of my career, I have been given numerous opportunities to develop my skills and grow as a person. Training has literally taken me places; the company would send me to different countries to learn from and return with new knowledge.


Beyond that, undertaking real projects gives employees the chance to apply the skills and knowledge acquired. This also encourages us to exercise critical thinking; the responsibilities that come with managing a project makes us feel valued – that you are partly responsible for the progress of the company. This motivates us to aim for the stars every day!


When I was still with Philips Lighting Indonesia as a Logistics Manager, I was involved in a Quality Improvement Project that sought to improve logistical operations. We submitted our innovation to a local competition, which sought the best team with the most effective solutions. Much to our surprise, our team beat 22 teams from other divisions to reach the regional finals. We effectively won that as well as the People’s Choice to reach the Top 12 in the world finals! That was a proud moment for all of us.


This achievement represented our teamwork, perseverance, and dedication to succeed. I think this truly underlines the values that Philips have inculcated within the company. With that, anyone who is eager to grow with a company should definitely pay close attention to how its people are valued!

A Worthwhile Journey with Philips


Although I have spent 17 years with the same organization, no two days are ever the same – that is what makes working here exciting! The other great thing is that you feel cared for in terms of your personal development as well as career growth – I constantly look forward to the next challenge or opportunity.


Moreover, Philips is ever evolving as a global brand, which makes me proud to be a part of every day!