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Limitless possibilities for personal growth

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Name: Jun Fei Low

Role: Site Procurement Specialist

Location: Singapore


Since young, I have been fascinated by good design and the thought process behind it. It seemed very natural for me to do my degree in Product Development at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.
When I graduated, I wanted to work for Philips because Philips demonstrates that meaningful design is rooted in the empathy for people. I feel that, Philips manages to strike a balance between simplicity and functionality in developing innovative consumer products. From personal medical devices to domestic appliances, these were designed with the end consumer in mind.
My first impressions on arriving at the Philips office was that I could really be at home here. It did not feel like I was in a stodgy, corporate environment, it felt more like a design technology company. Somehow, it just felt right for me.

My role in procurement challenges me and taps on my foundation of design methodologies to solve problems. In the team, I have very encouraging and supportive bosses and colleagues, who guide me as I learn about the different aspects of a large multinational company. I’ve learnt the processes behind procurement, and I’ve also picked up people management skills along the way. My job scope involves a myriad of competencies that includes managing cross-functional collaboration projects, bridging suppliers and project team to secure supply and to drive concept savings projects.


Although I am a recent graduate and this is my first job, I have been put in charge of understanding suppliers constraints on capacity. I make regular trips to Batam, Indonesia to discuss with suppliers and assist in ensuring that the various production lines in our factory are progressing smoothly. Additionally, I will soon attend the Design for Excellence (DfX) programme. After which, I will be able to lead DFX workshops to implement cost savings ideas.


During my varsity days, I was involved in many projects, which covered a wide spectrum of design, from designing mobility assistive devices – such as a corrective walking stick, where the blind would able to pre-emptively detect objects, to designing medical devices – such as a mechanical leech, which is a means to enhance recovery for skin-related injuries.

What I like about Philips is that it offers me limitless possibilities for personal growth. Just in procurement alone, there are a few different roles that I can further branch into. Furthermore, within Philips there are also inter-departmental opportunities that allows me to explore other aspects of the company.

As a fresh graduate starting out in the working world, I want to get global exposure, and I want to pursue opportunities around the world. I feel that Philips offers me this pathway into the world.