Did you know?

For decades Philips Research has fueled Philips with new breakthrough innovations that had significant impact in various markets. Today, Philips Research is fully geared to bring meaningful innovations in health and well-being. To give you an impression of our innovations over the last years we listed some ‘did you knows’ for you!

1914 - 1938

Meet Gilles Holst, our first research director


Meet Gilles Holst, our first research director. He patented the projection lamp in 1914
Almost 1 meter in diameter and 25,000 watt capacity, Goliath made headlines in 1919


Almost 1 meter in diameter and 25,000 watt capacity, Goliath made headlines in 1919
NatLab image


Before known as High Tech Campus, our research compound was called "NatLab"
Portable X-rays


We invented the game changing portable X-rays in 1928 that allowed doctors to make bedside diagnoses
Philips Duo Spaarlamp


Meet Philips Duo Spaarlamp, our first energy efficient light bulb. Launched in 1928
First road we lit up


The first road that we lit up in 1932 – between Beek and Geleen in The Netherlands
Philora image


This is Philora - launched in 1932 and was used to illuminate highways and ports

1939 - 1963

Philips-Miller sound system


This Philips-Miller sound system proved our venture into the then-silent film business in 1942
Neon Tubes production 1946


Illuminating the letters - a look at our neon tubes production in 1946
Port Radar System IJmuiden


Our technology exploration also includes a large-scale port radar system that was installed in 1951 in Ijmuiden

1964 - 1988

Evoluon image


Not an UFO - Eindhoven’s Evoluon building was built to celebrate our 75th anniversary
P-2000 1969


Not known to many people, we took our first step in the PC industry in 1969
Dutch first satellite


We took part in the launch of Dutch first satellite in 1974. It identified 6,000 ultraviolet sources in space
Videotelephony prototype


@Skype in 1974? Our videotelephony prototype was ahead of its time
NatLab 1980


This was how our Natlab looked like in 1980
Mick Jagger


Mick Jagger needed some convincing about CDs – so he visited us in Eindhoven in 1981

1989 - 2014

iCat image


Did it say meow? Meet our iCat a user-friendly personal robot prototype built in 2005
Balthasar van der Pol


Today would’ve been Balthasar van der Pol’s birthday – he led the development of our first radio in 1920s

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