Research programs

We have two main research programs performing front-end innovation activities for our market sectors and selected external partners. All the way from research – aimed at translating an unmet need into a technology-enabled solution – to transforming proven concepts into a (first-of-a-kind) product. These programs are:

Health systems

With our aging society, healthcare systems are under pressure. If we don’t innovate and find new ways of managing healthcare, the demand will increase, making healthcare unaffordable. To address this, the research health systems program develops innovative solutions for a sustainable healthcare system. We believe that a focus on patients and care providers is essential to find solutions that make sense. Solutions that improve outcomes and keep the healthcare system affordable.

Health systems innovations

Our Health systems focus areas are:


  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Image-guided intervention & therapy
  • Patient care
  • Clinical decision support
  • Home and personal healthcare
  • Healing environments and services  

Personal health

At Philips, we want to improve the quality of people’s lives. That’s why your health is important to us. But next to your health, we value your well-being as well. We want to make your life more enjoyable. Based on deep human insights into consumer needs, combined with scientific knowledge and expertise, our lifestyle research program explores and introduces concepts that provide a solid platform for successful – next- generation – simplicity products.

Our Personal health focus areas are:


  • Healthy life
  • Personal care
  • Home living
  • Interactive living