Working at Philips Research

Do you want to be stimulated and challenged by people as smart (or smarter) than you? Are you interested in sharing experiences with people from all over the world? At Philips Research you can enjoy both.

Whenever you work on a project at Philips Research, you work in a multi-disciplinary team. Sometimes this in itself introduces new challenges, because other team-members use scientific language that you are not familiar with.

Working together
Usually the research is for a market sector of Philips, or sometimes for a corporate project. You may also be involved in collaborative projects with many other companies - for example, in the context of a European research program.

International and diverse
Our labs are situated throughout the world - in Europe, Asia and North America. It automatically makes you part of an international team. The diversity in their backgrounds and cultures is fascinating. In Eindhoven alone, more than 50 nationalities already work together at Philips Research.

Keep learning
Philips Research believes that the best way to realize potential is by challenging its researchers to learn as much as they can. It's a belief that we have held and acted on for over 100 years. For as long as we have existed, in fact. Philips recognizes the value of someone who has learned so much, and organizations external to Philips usually recognize it too.

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Applying for a job


Is it you we are looking for?
We are looking for specific candidates. Your knowledge and know-how will therefore be decisive in determining where you might fit into Philips Research. In other words: it is your talent that will guide us. So make sure you give us:

  • a listing of your grades
  • a short description of your Master's work or PhD thesis
  • a list of your publications
  • a specification of the areas of research you are most interested in
  • details on how you can be contacted

The Philips Career Center
The Philips Career Center is the worldwide application database for the Philips organization. Entering your data into the Philips Career Center insures that your application reaches the appropriate recruiter; that we can deal with your application efficiently; and that your data is available for other Philips recruiters for up to 6 months after you submit your application.

After receiving your application (with additional information that we require in Research), we will decide in the HR department of Philips Research whether or not to proceed with your application. You will be informed as soon as possible. If we decide not to proceed, you will receive notification by e-mail. If we do want to follow-up your application, we will invite you to interviews and often a presentation (usually taking up an entire day). Within one week after the interviews we will inform you whether or not we can offer you a job.

If you are looking for entry-level opportunities, respond to the profile of a research scientist/engineer or a research assistant.
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If you are looking for a professional opportunity, respond to the profile of a software engineer, electronic engineer/scientist, physics scientist or chemistry scientist.
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If you are a student looking for an internship or a graduation project, respond to our student opportunities.

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In your application, please indicate how well your capabilities fit the project, and let us know what your specific interests are and when you are available. Preferably, also attach a recent list of your grades.

Our global career site

Please visit our global career site to find new jobs

Working on things you really believe in

I chose for Philips especially because of the working environment.We have the freedom to work on what we really believe in. I also enjoy working in an international team very much. You can learn from other ways of working. There is always somewhere someone that has the right answer to your question.


Aline Serteyn

As a Biomedical Engineer she is working on software for monitoring vital signs such as the heart rate and respiratory rate of babies.

R&D is something that is in the DNA of Philips. In Eindhoven alone, we already have hundreds of scientists working at the High Tech Campus, which makes it easier to learn from each other


Rohan Joshi


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