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Dutch Design Week is an international event that puts the spotlight on the latest and greatest in design and innovation.

October 21-29, 2023

See and hear how Philips designers transform healthcare with sound, vision and experiences

The ever-changing world of healthcare is full of devices that you can touch, hear or see. Underneath it all, there are systems and procedures that must work together.

Join us during Dutch Design Week 2023, to get a grasp of how Philips designers work together with patients and professionals to transform healthcare – with people s needs at heart

Philips Museum Temporary Exhibition

Join us at the Philips Museum in Eindhoven to see a selection of designs that have been recognized by winning global industry design awards.

Virtual Design Talks

If you are unable to come to check out our exhibition, or you simply want to know more, you can tune in to our live design talks! You will be able to hear from the designers themselves, to learn how they work together with patients and professionals to transform healthcare.

What to expect this year…

How can sound play a role in a patient's recovery? How can a surgeon view and reach a heart, without invasive procedures? How can a personalised care pathway improve a patient's heart health, in and out of a hospital? And how can best practices
shape the future of all Philips products?
Don't miss out on exploring some of the extraordinary projects that will be presented at the Dutch Design Week this year!

VeriSight Pro

Designing handheld interventional tools 

The Philips VeriSight Pro uses Ultra sound from the inside of the heart to let physicians see in 3D. The handle, shaped to help blindly locate controls, allows for operation by touch alone. Tactile controls, with clear separation and distinct mechanical feedback, mean physicians can position the catheter in the chambers of the heart with precision.

The Sound of Safety

Patient monitor sounds

How do we transform the sound of care? Walk into any healthcare facility and one of the first sounds you hear is a rhythmic beeping of technology. In collaboration with patients, clinicians and sound experts, Philips looked at monitor alarm sounds. This led to a set of sounds enhanced and prioritised to be more pleasing to the ear, but still serving the needs of caregivers.

Close to Heart

Personalized care pathway


We set out to find a better way of treating Atrial Fibrillation to improve patient and staff experience, health outcomes and to reduce costs. Close to Heart is a nurse practitioner-led, technology-supported, personalized outpatient clinic and digital care platform. Designed with clinicians, the concept shows a new form of care, implemented, and tested in the hospital.


Design language system


How do we help designers and developers at Philips build software applications for varied healthcare contexts – with consistency where it's needed and flexibility where it matters? Filament design language system is a central collection of digital building blocks that our teams can share and reuse to build any Philips software product.

We hope to see you soon

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