The women of  Africa


Women are the common thread, weaving the continent together. Binding families and communities to one another.

Our focus: ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

The World Health Organization describes this crisis as "Africa's silent epidemic" the tragedy that millions of mothers, newborn babies, and children die every year from preventable, treatable diseases.


Contributing to the epidemic is a debilitating shortage of medical equipent, trained staff, and access to proper medical facilities, health education and care.

With your help, Philips Healthcare will address the issues surrounding maternal and child health and will tackle the burden of non-communicable diseases.


Integral to this is the transformation of healthcare infrastructure, the development of innovative technology solutions, and the building and sustaining of human capacity.

From birth to adolescence to motherhood and beyond,

we will collaborate locally to bring innovative healthcare solutions to the women of Africa.


A fabric is only as strong as the threads used to create it. Philips Healthcare aims to be the loom that binds these threads into a tough and enduring fabric for life.

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