The women of  Africa


Without strong regional collaborations, our ability to improve access to care for African women and their families would be modest at best.


Over the course of several decades, we've been fortunate to work together with outstanding organizations such as non-profit organizations, government agencies, medical communities, academia, and local financial institutions.  

Partnership between Philips, Medical Credit Fund and Diamond Bank Plc gives Nigerian clinics access to financing for medical equipment

Small and medium-sized private clinics that want to acquire innovative medical technologies and services from Philips can finance this purchase through the Diamond Mediloan QualityCare Program. Loans under this program are backed with business and medical quality assessments plus training implemented by the Medical Credit Fund using the Safecare standards.

AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation)

Amref Health Africa and Philips are developing tailored, community-based health programs. The partnership aims to introduce a new education and training programs in 2015 designed specifically for African healthcare professionals and to implement large-scale health programs in the African continent.

Piloting obstetric care improvement initiatives at Tygerberg Hospital

Our collaboration with Tygerberg Hospital, Capetown, South-Africa is focusing on the development of rural healthcare solutions.

A pilot program was designed to investigate challenges and requirements in urban hospitals and more specific to manage high risk pregnancies.

This program should result in the development of innovative solutions that can be implemented throughout Africa.

Striving to decrease maternal mortality in Uganda

Countrywide outreach through a partnership with the non-profit organization, Imaging the World.

PowerFree Education Technology (PET)

PET advocates and stimulates the development of appropriate, low-cost, robust, and power-independent medical devices to aid life-saving decisions and help frontline healthcare workers meet the challenges of healthcare in under-resourced settings.

Addressing obstetric fistula in Tanzania

Partnering with a non-profit organization to help decrease socially stigmatizing complications of childbirth.

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