SimplyHealthy@Schools Nutrition Module

SimplyHealthy@Schools has launched a new Nutrition module, in association with the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association, to teach children and their parents about the importance of a healthy breakfast.


Download the following materials for the nutrition module:


Getting Every Child Off to a Great Start

Ever skipped breakfast before going to work? Chances are that by mid-morning you had an aching feeling in your stomach and needed something to keep you going till lunch time. It’s at that point you probably reached for a candy bar, even if you knew it was not the healthiest of snacks! But what if you can’t reach for a candy bar, or anything else for that matter? As your blood sugar level falls, you may well start to feel irritable or agitated, or find it difficult to concentrate. Around the world, that’s exactly the situation a lot of schoolchildren get into if they don’t get a nutritious breakfast before going for school. Studies have shown that it not only affects their ability to learn, it can also lead to classroom-disrupting hyperactivity, which affects other children’s learning opportunities.


Community Crowd Sourcing

The problem is not a case of limited public awareness. In a crowd-sourced community ideas competition held in Indonesia as part of the Philips ‘+’ Project, helping children to recognize the importance of a healthy breakfast was one of the most prominent ideas. And what better way of getting the message across to them than creating a new SimplyHealthy@Schools module devoted to the topic. Together with the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA), part of the Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies (FANS), the SimplyHealthy@Schools team developed a fun and interactive module that is able to teach children the importance of a healthy and balanced diet in Asia and is adaptable for countries around the world.


Global Roll Out

Students in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam were among the first in the region to experience what this new module could tell them about nutrition and health. Philips teams in each country adapted the module to address local conditions and eating habits and the feedback was so positive that the module is now being rolled out globally via the SimplyHealthy@Schools Program. And it’s not only the children that are interested! It is also targeted at their parents, by including nutritious, affordable, easily prepared fruit and vegetable breakfast recipes that the children can ask their parents to make for them. And what parent would not want their children to get off to a great start every day!


The SimplyHealthy@Schools Nutrition Module, including its assignments, recipe book and Teachers Guide and all drawings, is (c) Philips International B.V. The authors allow non-commercial use, provided that this authorship notice is included; that the guide is used in its entirety, without abridgement or omission of any part, including the drawings, and that the user allows the authors to publicize the use. Permission on these terms is obtained automatically by sending an email to including contact information for the user and a brief description of (or link to) the use

Interview Kalpana Bhaskara

Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association representative, Kalpana Bhaskara, answers your questions about the importance of helping children create healthy eating habits.