Employee Engagement

At Philips, we believe that employee engagement is important to manage and develop our human capital and stimulate business growth through our people. We measure on regular bases the engagement score at Philips and compare them with external high performance norms.

We are currently going through a structural change – with a renewed company culture as the foundation for performance improvement and growth. The creation of a growth and performance culture is central to Accelerate!, our multi-year transformation program designed to make us a more agile, entrepreneurial and innovative company and bring us closer to our customers.

This new culture is focused on results and characterized by honest dialogues, fact-based conclusions and fast action. This will enable us to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and outpace the competition.

Our Behaviors
To realize our ambitions, we need highly motivated, passionate employees who display entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to excel, and a bold determination to succeed. These traits are articulated in our Accelerate! behaviors – Eager to win, Take ownership and Team up to excel.

Diversity and Inclusion
As a global company, our customers come from a multitude of countries and cultures. Having a diverse workforce where differences are honored, respected and encouraged to thrive, puts us in a stronger position to mirror the markets we’re active in, because we can understand our customers and identify with their needs.

As part of our efforts to reach out to under-represented groups within Philips, we have set up popular networks for female employees and for gay and lesbian employ.

Progress has been made in ensuring a better representation of women in leadership roles: women now constitute 15% of Philips’ executive population, an increase of 1 percentage point year-on-year. Also, we have been appointing more local leaders: at year-end 2013, over 75% of senior leaders in countries were of local origin.

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Developing our People 
We believe our employees’ opportunities are our opportunities too. The better they can develop and use their talents, the more both they and we will grow. So we constantly encourage our employees to make more of themselves and to find ways in which they can excel.

Our key 2013 objective in terms of leadership development was the creation of a Leadership Academy, based on a strategic framework that differentiates the learning needs of leaders at every level in the organization: Transformation, Transition and Accelerate.

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Tracking progress
In order to be successful it is crucial that we communicate properly among ourselves and that everyone is given full opportunity to use their individual talents. Here are some ways we do it:

Employee Engagement Index

  • Engagement Survey 
    We believe it is important that employees feel part of a team, experience that their ideas and suggestions count, can trust their manager, and that diverse perspectives are valued. There are formal and informal reviews to test these points, and the results are input for improvement and change programs. Leaders that do well in this area are highly recognized.


  • Change Adoption Survey
    To understand exactly where we are on our Accelerate! journey, we have launched a quarterly Change Adoption Survey. The survey provides us with a good indication of what is going well – in order to build on it further – and indicates where we need to improve. This supports the momentum for our transformation.


  • Performance Management
    To realize our ambitions, we need to attract, recruit and retain the best possible talent while offering our employees energizing challenges and development opportunities in line with our business objectives. Underpinning this belief, Philips has developed PPM (People Performance Management), our global process for managing the performance and development of our employees.


  • Other initiatives
    These include teamwork sessions, off-site meetings and activities, community work placements, and communication opportunities such as our internal social media platform Connect Us, videos and testimonials.

General Business Principles
The Philips General Business Principles (GBP) govern Philips’ business decisions and actions throughout the world, and apply equally to corporate actions and to the behavior of individual employees. They consolidate the fundamental principles on which all Philips activities are, or should be, based: business integrity, fair trade, non-discrimination and equal opportunity.

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