Health and Safety

We care for our people. Each employee, contractor and visitor has the right to a safe working environment. By consistent and continuing efforts, accidents and occupational illnesses can be prevented. All individuals within Philips share this responsibility for achieving a world-class level in Occupational Health and Safety performance.

Philips strives for an injury-free and illness-free work environment, with a sharp focus on decreasing the number of injuries. This is defined as a KPI, on which we set yearly targets for the company and our individual sectors.

We regret to report three fatalities in 2013, all involving contractors. In Pakistan and Colombia, two contractors died while working on a Lighting project. In Poland a contractor died while working on a reconstruction at one of our factories.

In 2013, we recorded 307 Lost Workday Injuries cases, i.e. occupational injury cases where the injured person is unable to work one or more days after the injury, a significant decrease compared with 345 in 2012. All sectors showed a decrease in the Lost Workday Injury rate due to dedicated programs. At Lighting, an action program, “Safety First”, was launched five years ago to drive down injury levels. In 2012, various regional Health & Safety improvement programs and peer audit programs were started and further expanded in 2013. Healthcare targeted Health & Safety performance improvement actions within their Field Service Organization (FSO) to include organizational ownership and program management among other items. A new governance structure was launched in the Consumer Lifestyle organization to embed Health & Safety performance review and ownership in the businesses.

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