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Times Square Ball: bigger, brighter and greener than ever before with Philips LED lighting
Philips will once again deliver the very latest in energy-efficient LED lighting in its role as official lighting partner to the world-renowned New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball.
Philips welcomes the momentum to accelerate the switch to energy efficient lighting solutions
Philips announced today it welcomes the decision made by the European Union to phase-out incandescent light bulbs in the EU by 2012. This decision is in line with Philips' call for action to accelerate the switch over to energy efficient lighting solutions in view of climate change, as announced in Brussels on 7 December 2006.
Philips restores iconic Boston tower with energy-efficient LED lighting
Boston’s first official skyscraper, the Marriott Custom House Tower, has undergone a long-awaited lighting makeover to reclaim its skyline prominence in a smart and sustainable way. Formerly lit by incandescent-based fixtures that had fallen into disrepair, the Tower has been restored to its fully-illuminated state using LED fixtures that consume just one third the energy of the previous sources.
International city.people.light award 2008 – first prize goes to the city of Seoul, South Korea
Philips Lighting and Lighting Urban Community International Association (LUCI) have announced that this year’s international city.people.light award has been won by the city of Seoul, South Korea. At the award ceremony, which was held in San Lui Potosi in Mexico on 29 October 2008, representatives from the city were presented with the city.people.light trophy as well as prize money of 5,000 euros.
Philips and Starwood sign exclusive 'Green TV' deal
Philips today announced the signing of an exclusive three year agreement with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Inc. to provide Philips’ latest range of SmartPower2 energy efficient hotel televisions to Starwood’s 460 properties across North America.
Philips unveils new concepts and solutions for Health and Well-being at the 2008 Philips Simplicity Event at Moscow's Red Square
Philips will unveil a range of innovative and original concepts for Health and Well-being at the 2008 Philips Simplicity Event, which started today on the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. The Event highlights areas identified by Philips in which the company has the ability to innovate and make a difference to both people and the environment.
Philips places simplicity at the heart of cardiac care
Philips today showcases how its care cycle approach to cardiology can help save more lives by reducing the time to treatment for heart attack patients. Solutions offered by Philips can help to reduce the time from discovery of a heart attack to treatment to 90 minutes, the limit recommended by experts, by enabling hospitals to better organize resources throughout the treatment procedure, starting before patients enter their doors.
Gnatus implements LUXEON LEDs for advanced dental lamp, improving patient care and comfort with pure white light
Philips Lumileds announced today that Gnatus, a leading dental equipment manufacturer, has released a LUXEON-based dental lamp that is the first in the industry to use solid-state lighting technology. The new Gnatus Dental Lamp LED Plus overcomes the inconveniences associated with conventional halogen models, including short bulb life, high power usage and spillover light that has in some cases prompted dentists to supply patients with sunglasses, while also offering significant advantages for dental care.
Sainsbury's leads the way in adopting breakthrough LED lighting system for in store freezers
Sainsbury’s, the UK-based supermarket chain, has selected a revolutionary LED lighting solution by Philips to equip the interiors of its freezer cabinets across 350 stores. In all, some 15,000 pieces of Philips Affinium LED freezer lighting modules with Philips Luxeon LEDs have been installed, resulting in a staggering energy saving of 75% per freezer. Moreover, the improvement in the lit effect has increased by in excess of 150%.
Philips and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory join forces to improve energy efficiency in buildings
Philips and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) today announced that they have signed an agreement to jointly research new energy-efficiency solutions for buildings. Philips and Berkeley Lab will work together to develop new technologies for the control of multiple building sub-systems such as lighting and temperature controls, and new building simulation tools for developing and evaluating effective energy control strategies.

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