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Artificial Intelligence

At Philips, we develop intelligent solutions that empower people to live healthy lifestyles, and that help healthcare providers achieve improved health outcomes at lower cost of care, with better staff and patient experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve people’s lives across the health continuum: from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment, and home care. But we believe that applying AI to health and healthcare requires more than AI alone.

First and foremost, it requires a deep understanding of people's lives, and the clinical and operational context in which healthcare providers operate. Only by combining AI with relevant human domain knowledge can we fully reap its benefits.

We believe AI should:

Empower the people who use it
Empower the people who use it
Adapt to the context
Adapt to the context
Be embedded into people’s workflows or daily environment
Be embedded into people’s workflows or daily environment

Our AI principles

To promote the safe and responsible use of AI and data for the benefit of people and society at large, we have established a set of guiding principles.
Well being
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Well being
Fairness image
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AI enabled
Read more about our AI-enabled solutions, their AI functions and features, and how these were validated.
AI resarch methods and results
Read our latest scientific publications about our AI research methods and results.
intellispace discovery

Developing AI applications for medical research

Philips IntelliSpace Discovery* is an integrated AI solution that enables the entire process of generating new AI applications, providing data integration, training and deployment in the research setting. The IntelliSpace Discovery Research Suites include tools to create tailored data analysis and AI solutions in a research environment.

*IntelliSpace Discovery 3 is for research use only and cannot be used for patient diagnosis or treatment selection.

News and blogs on AI

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