We strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation

As a focused leader in health technology, we are determined to build upon our rich heritage by touching billions of lives each year with our innovative technology solutions.

Our strategic focus


With our understanding of many of the longer-term challenges our world faces, we see major opportunities to apply our innovative competencies in the areas of personal health, diagnosis & treatment and connected care.


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How we create value for our stakeholders


We take a systematic approach to value creation. Firstly, by understanding the challenges our customers and consumers face and delivering innovations that meet their needs. And secondly by applying the Philips Business System to ensure we deliver time and again.


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Our roadmap to win


Our roadmap to win identifies the key priorities for the next phase of our journey in health technology. It is designed to improve the way we perform, so we deliver higher levels of customer value and quality across the board, as well as increasing shareholder value.


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Environmental, Social & Governance


As a purpose-driven company, we have adopted a fully integrated approach to doing business responsibly and sustainably.


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