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Our strategic focus

All around the world, resource constraints are driving a shift to value-based healthcare – a system that aims to increase access to care and improve patient outcomes while also raising cost productivity. At the same time, aging populations and the rise of chronic diseases like heart disease and respiratory conditions are driving up demand for healthcare.


In parallel, a growing focus on healthy living and prevention means more and more people are looking for new ways to proactively monitor and manage their health, also in home and community settings. And the digitalization of healthcare has reached the point where value is shifting from stand-alone products to solutions combining systems, smart devices, software and services, which deliver greater benefits to customers.


Philips sees significant value in more integrated forms of healthcare, unlocking the power of data and artificial intelligence at the point of care, while at the same time optimizing care delivery across the health continuum. This includes putting increased emphasis on both primary and secondary prevention and population health management programs.

Dreamstation Go

At Philips, we are striving to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation, with the goal of improving the lives of 2.5 billion people a year by 2030.

In today’s increasingly connected world, the convergence of Philips’ consumer technologies that facilitate healthy living, medical technologies that help clinicians to deliver better diagnosis and treatment, and cloud-based technologies that support data sharing and analysis, will be a key enabler of more effective, lower-cost integrated health solutions.


We like to visualize healthcare as a continuum since it suggests the notion of continuous care. And it becomes very compelling when one thinks of this continuum as being connected.

Health continuum model
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By addressing healthcare as a ‘connected whole’ in this way, we can unlock gains and efficiencies and drive innovations that help deliver on the ‘quadruple aim’: enhancing the patient experience, improving health outcomes, lowering the cost of care, and improving the work life of care providers.


With our global reach, deep insights and leading innovations, we are uniquely positioned in ‘the last yard’ to consumers and care providers, delivering:


  • connected products and services supporting the health and well-being of people
  • integrated modalities and clinical informatics to deliver definitive diagnosis
  • real-time guidance and smart devices for minimally invasive interventions
  • connected therapeutic products and services for chronic care patients.


Underpinning these solutions, and spanning the health continuum, our connected care and health informatics solutions enable us to:


  • connect patients and providers for more effective, coordinated, personalized care
  • manage population health, leveraging real-time patient data and clinical analytics.
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We are focusing on end-to-end pathways – at present primarily cardiology, oncology, respiratory care, and pregnancy and parenting – where we believe our integral approach can add even greater value for our customers.


More and more, we are teaming up with hospital and health systems to understand their needs, provide integrated solutions, and engage in multi-year cooperation to drive improvements in terms of patient outcomes, quality of care delivery and cost productivity.





Respiratory care

Respiratory care

Fertility, pregnancy and parenting

Fertility, pregnancy and parenting

In this context, we are pioneering new business models that fit our customers’ needs better. These include Technology Managed Services, as well as Software as a Service and Product as a Service models. We have also started to take co-accountability for our customers’ patient outcomes and productivity.
Going forward, we aim to expand our strong positions across the health continuum, extend our solutions capability to address our customers’ unmet needs, and so deliver the full benefits of data-enabled connected care.