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Dec 19, 2018

Innovation Matters: How will your healthcare change in the near future? #YoungWEF

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The future of healthcare concerns us all. Imagine if you could turn your living room into your hospital, have a doctor’s appointment on the way to work, or know you’re going to get sick before you do? Thanks to innovations that are revolutionizing healthcare as we know it, this could become a reality. As a continuation of our annual #YoungWEF series, Philips is translating these innovations through the voices of our future, to highlight the exciting progresses that are happening in healthcare and how they can impact you.


The needs of our population are changing. By 2050, 1 in 5 of us will be over 60 years old [1] - and with an ageing population comes increasing demand for healthcare services. 

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Innovations in technology have revolutionized countless areas of our lives in recent years, from the way we watch TV to the way we do our shopping. And healthcare is no exception. Using technologies that mirror those we’re already used to experiencing in our everyday lives (such as smartphone technology and video conferencing), doctors are working towards a future of health where everyone can receive the care they need, when they need it. 


For patients, this could result in cheaper, more convenient care that gives the right preventative advice, diagnoses and treatments the first time. It will also provide opportunities for new ways to receive care. For example, the Future Health Index found that 35% of the general population has already experienced a need for healthcare at home [2], which is now becoming possible thanks to telehealth. 


25% of the general population asked by the Future Health Index thought that AI health tracker wearable or smartphone apps would have the biggest impact on improving healthcare. [3]

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Equally, technology is making life easier for doctors, as it provides opportunities to spend more time with their patients, enabling continuous education, and facilitating collaborative working with other healthcare professionals across the world. The majority already communicate with their colleagues online, and over a half envision a future where everybody owns connected devices or other technologies to better manage their health.  

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Whether you’re a doctor or a patient, conversations will be key to making the future of healthcare a reality. Working together to translate the innovations we’re experiencing into meaningful outcomes for care will help to strengthen relationships and build personalized approaches that work for each patient individually.


That’s why this year Philips launches #PhilipsTranslates, a campaign that will translate complex healthcare topics for everyone to understand and relate to. 

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Each year, #YoungWEF highlights the voices of the younger generations (the decision-makers of our future) and brings them into the conversation around the fascinating future of health – and this year is no exception. In the lead up to the annual WEF meeting in Davos in early 2019, students Sheetal and Hidde are chatting to our Chief Medical Officer, Jan Kimpen, about key innovations in healthcare. Together they will showcase the exciting innovations that are helping us to work towards the future of healthcare, and how these could impact your experiences. By bringing students to the forefront, we are hoping to inspire conversations around the future of health in a way that’s exciting for all and highlight our strides towards improving lives.


Watch out for #PhilipsTranslates.

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[2] Future Health Index. (2017). S7a. Have you ever experienced a need for healthcare at home (e.g. someone coming to take vital signs, monitor recovery, etc.) either for yourself or a friend/family member that you take care of?

[3] Future Health Index. (2017) ibid.

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