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Improving health with new solutions

How the Dutch Open Hackathon promotes innovation



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Today’s global health challenges require new ideas, new solutions and new focus from consumers and families, clinicians and caregivers, companies and communities. Philips is tackling this new world head-on through the convergence of data, connectivity and innovation. But no one company or person can solve these big challenges alone.



At an event like the Dutch Open Hackathon, which will be held from Oct. 30th through Nov. 1st in Amsterdam, we see the right combination of innovation, ingenuity and creativity to bring vision to life. It’s the second year that Philips is helping to organize the Hackathon event, which can help to create – in the words of Jeroen Tas (CEO, Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services) – “Connected healthcare that empowers consumers and patients to better manage their health with help from communities and professional healthcare providers."


The vision behind the Hackathon itself is to offer a platform to innovators and developers in the Dutch region to come up with new solutions. The developers will be able to use open application programming interfaces (APIs) based on industry standards, which are included in Philips’ HealthSuite Digital Platform, to create innovative applications for anyone interested in improving health, including consumers, hospitals and health systems.


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We’re involved because innovation is in the company’s core DNA, and we want to enable developers in the Netherlands to bring new perspectives. We are very interested in seeing teams create smart connections between data and platforms provided by several leading innovative Dutch companies, and to show surprising solutions.


Our company is transforming as the personal health side and the professional healthcare world are merging together, and that’s what you see reflected in the platform that’s made available to the developers participating in the Hackathon. It contains fictitious data from realistic personas: a healthy person, a baby and a person with a (chronic) disease. The development teams can decide how to best use the data to create solutions.


Where most companies deliver either data or data and APIs to access the data, we go one step further: our HealthSuite Digital Platform allows developers to connect their own personal health tracking devices – such as a fitness tracker or a glucose meter – and to use them in combination with the other data to create more immersive experiences.


The biggest opportunity that we see as a company is that by taking the data from these devices and combining them with data from the professional healthcare side, we are moving more into the future of healthcare – the combination of the relationship between patients and professionals and the solutions that can be used to optimize the relationship.


We should not expect that what comes out of the Hackathon is a readily available product for the market. Instead, this will likely be the first iteration of an idea that may come to fruition – the first prototype, if you will. The fact that a team scored well in the Hackathon means the team can then take the next steps to set up their business.


What we hope to see is enthusiastic usage of the vision and principles that we apply to other healthcare products – what we typically call our HealthSuite Vision and our HealthSuite Digital Platform. We know that’s possible because in a Hackathon in San Francisco earlier this year, we saw some amazing examples of how the HealthSuite has been used to create great applications.

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For example, the winners – with a prototype application called MediDash – recognized the fact that a typical radiologist only has limited information when making decisions. By using the HealthSuite Digital Platform, clinicians can bring together patient data from both in and outside the hospital to improve decision-making, giving them much more context when managing decisions.

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The Dutch Open Hackathon will be a really cool event – a declaration of innovation, a breeding place of new ideas and applications, and a collaboration between the developer community and the bigger international community in the Netherlands. We’re looking forward to seeing the innovations it will bring.



Find out more about the Dutch Open Hackathon 2015.


corporateblog hansnotenboom

Hans Notenboom


Global Head of Digital at Philips Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services

Hans Notenboom is Global Head of Digital at Philips Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services. He has been with Philips for eight years in various digital roles, including Healthcare, where he led the Digital Transformation program. Hans brings more than 25 years of experience in digital, or ‘New Media’ as it was called in the pre-Internet age. Hans has a degree in business informatics and has acted in various technology, marketing, consultancy and management roles. He has a passion for digital innovation, making new technology meaningful in addressing the big challenges in healthcare.



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