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Apr 24, 2017

Changing careers: I love transformation

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Many professionals seek a singular career path — this is not true for Marina Steagall.

She’s embraced a Philips career that has taken her through 3 different sectors, 3 countries and 4 functions.

And what makes Marina even more of a rarity is that she had the freedom to do this within one company. As she completes her 16th year working at Philips, she looks back at how unexpected the journey has been.


“I feel so blessed to have tried so many different things and worked in so many different groups in different parts of the company and the globe. It is all very exciting,” Marina says.

At Philips if you want to pursue something, people will give you the chance.

Originally from Brazil, in 1995 Marina moved to the United States to complete her studies and pursue a career in Silicon Valley. She was never one to meticulously plan her future. In 2001 she was headhunted for Philips, and when she accepted the job, little did she know that she was taking her first steps to a rewarding career.

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If you ask her how she felt about that first phone call, Marina says “Philips didn’t appeal to me as something that would be exciting, innovative and fun like the other big names in Silicon Valley.”


When she sat for the interview, what she found was completely unexpected; her hesitations and assumptions were misplaced.


“I was super surprised. I saw a lot of innovation and technology,” she says. “And I was impressed by how they brought me onboard. The interviewers were both humble and innovative.”


And with this unwavering and renewed confidence, she took the role and began working on her first product — a 14 inch portable computer with a touchscreen; a device that, a few years later, evolved into what people now know as the iPad.


It was in this environment of innovation that she found the space for careerchange within Philips, where she would take on new roles that never existed before ‘Marina did them’.

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As Philips reinvented itself, Marina was reinventing her career to fit these new needs. “I never felt that I was underchallenged, underdeveloped or not having fun in my role. And there is that sense of contribution,” she says.


“That’s what kept me at Philips.”


Marina always felt that she could pursue any chance to try new things and advance her career. Philips has constantly supported her career progression — whether investing in new training, courses, different project opportunities or by surrounding her with innovative people, Philips opened doors.


Marina’s story is far from over. Over the last 16 years she’s been able to continuously learn new things through the challenging opportunities that Philips presented her.


She is excited for all the new things that will come with her new role as Industrial Strategy Manager at Philips. As Marina starts this new chapter, she’s looking forward to continuing to innovate and reinvent.

At the end, Philips is a humble, people’s company. People will help you succeed as you pursue new projects. You are not just a number.

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