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New blue light therapy with Philips BlueControl – a big step for psoriasis treatment and patients’ lives.



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As a dermatologist, you are well aware of the need for advancement in psoriasis treatment, both in terms of method and time exposure to treatment. Many patients consider the frequent application of ointments to be inconvenient and time-consuming, limiting them in their daily activities. Furthermore, up to 40% of patients are reluctant to take pharmaceuticals.1 The consequence being that only a quarter of psoriasis patients comply with their therapy.2

Quite a few patients abandon their treatment before it shows any effect and many of them do not carry out treatment correctly. Advancement of psoriasis treatment is all the more necessary, given the fact that the disease still being incurable is discouraging in itself.


Blue light treatment with the new Philips BlueControl phototherapy device has brought relief to many psoriasis patients and is regarded as an interesting new therapy option by many dermatologists.


Philips BlueControl – mode of action

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In-vitro studies have shown that blue LED light at a particular wavelength reduces the accelerated proliferation of keratinocytes and decreases the inflammatory response.3,4 Philips Light & Health and our clinical and academic partners have invested many years of research into harnessing these properties for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. We defined the optimal wavelength of 453 nm as well as the intensity and LED settings to develop the wearable medical device Philips BlueControl.

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The efficacy and safety of the Philips BlueControl treatment against psoriasis vulgaris have been proven in clinical trials.5,6 In a four-month clinical trial, 84% of patients showed improvement in their plaque symptoms (thickness, redness, scaling) compared with the baseline and 83% found Philips BlueControl very easy and convenient to use. No adverse events were observed in the study.6 As part of the visible light spectrum, blue LED light is free of ultraviolet radiation, and the treatment requires no additional active ingredients as can be found in creams or ointments.

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Allow me now to share with you two patient cases that vividly illustrate the positive effects the new phototherapy with blue light can have on this chronic condition and especially on patients’ lives.


Harpa Halldorsdottir dares to bare her skin again and appreciates the time-saving effect of the wearable blue light therapy

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Harpa Halldorsdottir (42), a marketing professional and single parent of two children, was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis at age 13. The first recommended treatment was a moisturizer, followed by the common first line treatments of creams and ointments. “But no treatment really improved my plaques” says Harpa “and the creaming every day was difficult to fit into my daily schedule.” She experienced uncomfortable situations, for example when she went swimming: “Some years ago, a little girl asked me if I had hurt my legs as she thought my plaques were wounds and her mother yelled that she hoped I would not be in the same pool as them,” Harpa recalls. For a long time she did not have the courage to show her skin. In March 2016, after discovering Philips BlueControl, her life finally changed. “I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at the beginning. But I quickly found out how easy to use the device is and this made me feel more confident,” says Harpa. Today her plaques are less red and thick, and the itching has almost disappeared. This summer, she dared to show off her legs for the first time after years of hiding. Harpa is currently looking for new job opportunities, which makes her schedule even more busy than usual, so she particularly appreciates the practical side of the new blue light therapy: “Besides reducing my psoriasis plaques, the wearable device saves me a lot of time.”


Mattias Lundell is relieved to have found an effective treatment without chemicals

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Plaque psoriasis came into Mattias’ life very unexpectedly. Already 31 years of age, he was diagnosed with the disease in 2013. The diagnosis brought about huge changes to his everyday life. “Suddenly I had to spend several hours a week going to treatment clinics and use prescription creams up to four times each day to control the disease.” Mattias was constantly worried about his little daughter coming into contact with the chemical medication on his skin. Discovering the wearable Philips BlueControl light therapy was a big source of relief for him: “It works. My plaque psoriasis is now significantly reduced and I am more capable of controlling it.” And he is pleased that he can now do without the creams: “I can dress well at work without being worried about having stains on my clothes from the greasy creams I used to put on every morning. And – most important – I can carry my daughter again and hug her without worrying about bringing her into contact with chemical substances on my arms.” Mattias also enjoys being able to integrate the blue light therapy into his daily routine – he uses Philips BlueControl even when he is in the office.


Watch the interview with Dr. Verena von Felbert, Department of Dermatology and Allergology at University Clinic RWTH Aachen (Germany), in which she discusses the clinical research results of blue light therapy and reports on her experience with patients using Philips BlueControl.


Philips BlueControl link to – your patients’ benefits in a nutshell


The new wearable phototherapy with blue light alleviates plaque psoriasis symptoms efficiently, and without adverse events, while patients get on with their daily routines – resulting in exceptional treatment compliance of 98%.6

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Offer this gentle and convenient therapy to your patient

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1 Richards HL, Fortune DG, O’Sullivan TM, Main CJ, Gri¡ ths CE. Patients with psoriasis and their compliance with medication. J Am Acad Dermatol. 1999; 41: 581–3.

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5 Weinstabl A et al. Prospective randomized study on the efficacy of blue light in the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. Dermatology 2011; 223(3): 251–9.

6 Pfaff S et al. Prospective randomized long-term study on the efficacy and safety of UV-free blue light for treating mild psoriasis vulgaris. Dermatology. 2015; 231: 24.


Philips BlueControl is a Medical device class IIa (CE0344) for the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis vulgaris. The product is not FDA approved and not available for purchase in the USA. Before altering or stopping any prescribed medication or using the device, patients should consult with their physician and carefully read the instructions for use. October 2016.

corporateblog davidaubert

David Aubert

General Manager at Philips Light & Health


Since 2011, David has been the head of Philips Light & Health, a business unit that develops and commercializes LED-based medical devices. Philips Light & Health is a high-performing and diverse team of 30+ members working across various functions (research and development, marketing, sales, operations, quality and regulatory activities). Its unique technology platform addresses multiple medical applications, primarily in the dermatology sector, enabling cost-effective and more convenient treatment for patients. Prior to this, David built up extensive marketing and sales experience at Philips Consumer Lifestyle and Mars Petcare, where he worked in various managerial roles at country and headquarter levels. He holds an MBA with distinction from the Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University.


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