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Dreamforce has started today, the annual event hosted by that attracts over 140,000 attendees. It is the largest Information Technology industry event in the USA. What a pleasure to be here again and discuss our collaboration with one of the most innovative University hospitals in Europe!

Radboud university medical center, The Netherlands, is the first European academic hospital to use the combination of Salesforce1 and our Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform to improve the care of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients. These are patients who live with their chronic lung condition day and night but only get an overall health checkup twice per year. They will now be constantly monitored through a wearable sensor that is connected 24/7. This allows these patients to take better care of their conditions and care givers to provide proactive support when it is needed.

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When utilized in the right way, sensor technology combined with mobile devices and big data can help many of us. Everyone has a loved one or someone nearby suffering from a chronic disease, whether it’s heart failure, diabetes, a lung disease or cancer. 

They all need constant care and support to manage and control their condition in order to avoid complications. Healthcare is often still fragmented and managed around acute events, whereas chronic conditions need continuous care.


Effective delivery of continuous care is now possible through a combination of team-based models and digital technologies. Big data enables us to make a genetic analysis. ‘Genotyping’ can determine if you are likely to get certain diseases, it can help with the diagnosis and best treatment options. ‘Social data’ can indicate a person’s lifestyle, ability to comply with treatment plans and other factors, which will make it easier to assess a certain risk on getting illness and to determine the best personal treatment plan.


Real-time monitoring enables continuous care based on data. Detailed data gives a complete picture of the patient, which enables doctors to give truly personalized advice. The aggregation and analysis of large amounts of data enables doctors to see patterns that they can use to support their decision making. And ongoing monitoring and real-time analysis of the situation will lead to swift recognition and action when the situation of a patient is worsening and requires intervention.

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The wearable sensor solution that we co-developed with Radboud does that exactly for COPD patients in this first pilot. Once the COPD patient has left the hospital, the wearable diagnostic device collects data day and night – including physical (in)activity, respiratory indicator, sleep quality, heart rhythm and heart rate variability.

That data is sent via the cloud to the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, where it is shared with the appropriate care providers via the eCareCoordinator application, presenting a complete view of the patient’s illness. Radboud engages these patients through their Hereismydata portal.


Lucien Engelen from Radboudumc says: “This is really only the beginning of making healthcare truly patient-centric. We are planning pilots involving patients with other conditions like heart disease, diabetes and pregnancy to follow in the coming months”


This is the health continuum brought alive jointly with one of Europe’s most innovative medical centers! And that’s the message I’m excited to be delivering to the audience at Dreamforce.

Jeroen Tas

Jeroen Tas

CEO, Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services Philips

Jeroen Tas has over 30 years of global experience as an entrepreneur and senior executive in the financial services, healthcare and information technology industries. Currently he is the CEO of the Philips Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services Business Group.


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