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Saving lives: Why the future of healthcare depends on multifaceted thinking

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Escalating costs. Care provider shortages. A rise in non-communicable disease. These complex healthcare issues will require us to consider new approaches to find solutions. One thing is certain: The answer to these problems will require a coordinated approach to manage people and patients from the home.


With technology-driven innovation, there is great promise for the future of health delivery. Telehealth is a great example. It is a multifaceted, carefully coordinated system of audio-video, monitors with

sophisticated algorithms, and data presentation capabilities to help dispersed care teams manage at-risk patients and prevent complications when there is no specialist at the bedside. It’s a new delivery model that requires us to think differently and to coordinate efforts. A network of people, hospitals, and technological expertise can address issues of access to care, caregiver shortages, distance, cost of care, and the need to improve outcomes. The model is scalable and sustainable. The model has potential for long standing public good.


A telehealth model transcends traditional care settings for long-distance consultation and evaluation. This model is also scalable to non-traditional care settings like the home, enabling family members to remotely monitor their loved ones along with home health nurses, health coaches, and other caregivers – regardless of where they are in the world.


Consumer engagement is a force for change in healthcare and everyday technologies make it possible – and even expected – to find new ways to deliver healthcare. We need to pave the way for innovation, such as a highly monitored telehealth environment using video cameras and other medical technologies, to connect people with resources and care providers. We need to give people tools so they’re involved in their own wellbeing. These are keys to the success of any new health delivery system.

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This week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, global leaders will discuss how we address these issues on a grand scale in both developed and emerging markets. I invite you to follow the conversation from #wef on Twitter.


What new approaches do you see solving our tough issues in care?

Deborah DiSanzo

Deborah DiSanzo

Chief Executive Officer, Philips Healthcare

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