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Social media: Why one size does not fit all



Blake cahill

It may sound bizarre to have one 24-hour period a year devoted to championing something that is so intrinsically bound up with our lives. But Social Media Day is a key event in the digital calendar because it allows the world to share. Information, technology, advice, the latest innovations, predictions of where we’re headed – all of it focused on an arena that, despite being little more than 10 years old, represents one of the key mechanisms that enables brands and people to interact.

Social media encourages an engagement between brands and their customers that can make or break a business, sometimes in a matter of minutes. It allows innovative brands to react swiftly to customer concerns and personalise their messaging using real-time marketing to enhance their products. And it empowers companies by giving them deeper insights into trends and customer behaviour.


Philips is a pioneer in these digital strategies because at the core of our DNA has always been an instinctive understanding of the customer, their needs and desires. For many years we have been developing social media strategies that mean we can stay one step ahead of our rivals by listening to societal trends and local propositions and predicting what our customers are next going to demand of us.


Our multi-layered B2B and B2C approaches mean we can do this 24/7, at scale and with astonishing speed. Just as importantly, we’ve demonstrated why defining what digital means to a brand is as important as measuring its potency. It’s no good engaging in social media if you don’t first understand its relevance to your brand.

blake cahill why one size

For example, on Instagram, Philips updates content regularly to present a 360-degree view across the business. We run a series of independent accounts that are product and country-specific, allowing us to intricately tailor our messaging so that it carries real relevance and meaning. The more inspirational the image or video, the more likely it is to be shared and the more willing advocates will be to hunt out further Philips data on other channels.


Our content is carefully chosen and disseminated by specialist in-country social media teams whose engagement style depends on the platform – our voice on Twitter, for example, is friendly, engaging and positive, whilst on LinkedIn we’re more formal and knowledgeable and on Google+ it’s the human element that matters most, so our tone is more personal.


The important lesson is that one size does not fit all. Though social media is one of the most powerful tools that a brand possesses, it’s also a complex one – made simpler by proper planning and a robust editorial and publishing process. More on that in another post…

Blake Cahill

Blake Cahill

Global Head of Digital and Social Marketing

A senior executive with more than 20 years of business development experience, Blake is helping to lead Philips' international rebranding and expansion into new technologies and markets. With a strong background in executing highly complex and results-oriented strategies, Blake has led a series of marketing, creative, client management, product innovation and thought leadership projects for both Fortune 500 organisations and digital start-ups.

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