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PPP Bahia, Brazil


To improve access to health services and to provide the best care to patients in different areas through hospitals in Brazil


  • 12 new diagnostic units across the state of Bahia
  • 183,000 examinations completed in one year across the public state network
  • 44% increase in exam capacity versus previous set up

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A consortium aimed to bring better access to healthcare services in various regions of the state, through the provision of a new reporting center and 12 imaging units placed in 12 hospitals.

Alliar is one of the largest diagnostic chains in Brazil between doctors, clinics and labs. With more than 100 locations in 10 states, Alliar offers diagnostic services for hospitals, private companies and governments.

The Fundação Instituto de Pesquisa e Estudo de Diagnóstico por Imagem (FIDI) is the largest diagnostic services organization of the Brazilian government (SUS). Connected to the Federal University of Sao Paulo, FIDI performs around 250,000 exams per month in Brazil and has more than 1500 professionals in its network.

The solution  


Despite expanding population coverage and access to health services, the poor remain badly underserved: around 30% of the population of Latin America does not have access to healthcare1 for economic reasons and 21% does not because of geographical barriers.


Brazil already lacks sufficient healthcare infrastructure in addition to a chronic shortage of healthcare professionals. Local governments struggle to keep hospitals upgraded and deliver quality health services to the people in the community that need it most. The country ranked 12 out of 13 worldwide in the Future Health Index2, driven down by significantly below average access to care across the health continuum. Only 12% of patients and 2% of healthcare professionals surveyed agree that the healthcare available to them meets patient needs.

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Partnering to improve access

Bahia is one of Brazil’s largest states. It is located in the north east of the country on the Atlantic coast and is the fourth largest Brazilian state by population and fifth largest by area.


Addressing these systematic healthcare problems required the government to take a new approach. In order to bring innovative healthcare to different areas of the state, they formed a public private partnership with a consortium led by Philips, the first of its kind in Brazil and in the region.


As part of the public private partnership (PPP) project, approximately 45 pieces of equipment were made available in 12 hospitals across the state. This included high-end CT and MR scanners as well as a new reporting center. With the 12 imaging units in the hospitals and each connected to the reporting center, specialist medical staff could rapidly relay diagnostic information to the referring doctors in the hospitals.


Overall, the PPP Bahia project has led to more than $40 million in investment in both operating equipment and healthcare infrastructure, leading to improved access for chronically under-served areas in the state of Bahia.


Under the PPP Bahia process, the consortium was responsible for processing 183,000 exams in one year across the public state network. It is planned that within 10 years of operation, an investment of 1 billion Reais will reach another 11 hospitals.


The PPP Bahia project has seen improvements in quality efficiency, with new diagnostic reports being processed in under an hour for emergency patients. Though this is a significant deal for the stakeholders involved in PPP Bahia, the real winners are the Brazilian people, who now have improved access to health services and infrastructure for years to come.


  • A newly formed public-private consortium lead to greatly improved access to healthcare within a local region in Bahia, Brazil
  • 45 new pieces of imaging equipment were made available in 12 hospitals
  • 12 new imaging units and a reporting center across the state of Bahia

PPP Bahia infographic

Looking forward

Explore new public private partnership opportunities throughout the region using PPP Bahia as a case study. 


1. World Economic Forum – ‘5 health challenges facing Latin America’ -

2. Future Health Index 2016 -

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