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Radiologists need fast and integrated access to patient data, which is often scattered across a complex IT environment.


Philips IntelliSpace Portal enables radiologists to view and perform analyses of complex clinical information from multiple sources for one patient. It offers clinicians a simple way of sorting, viewing and sharing insights.


  • Gives radiologists one comprehensive overview of one patient over multiple clinical domains
  • Remote access, and access from any client within the hospital network 
  • Promotes interoperability across healthcare IT systems

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Advanced visualization platform is designed to help radiologists to diagnose and follow-up on treatment of diseases

Patients often rely on radiologists for a quick and confident diagnosis of their disease or injury. But getting the full picture of each individual can be challenging — clinicians often need access to multiple types of images from one patient (e.g., CT and MRI scans), from multiple time points.


Philips IntelliSpace Portal offers a single integrated solution that gives clinicians quick access to images and information. The latest edition uses machine learning to learn about their workflow, predict usage patterns and preprocess patient data before they even open a study.

Intellispaceportal infographic

Workplace burnout  


Radiologist are more likely than ever to be experiencing workplace burnout [3], with classic symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, and doubts about highquality, meaningful impact on clinical care. Often, the leading cause is too many images to process in too little time.


With Philips IntelliSpace Portal, clinicians get one comprehensive overview of a patient’s condition across clinical domains. This helps them to simplify and streamline their workflows.

Work smarter  


One healthcare organization that has achieved time savings with IntelliSpace Portal is Augusta University Health (AU Health) in the US state of Georgia. In the past, AU Health’s radiology department operated visualization tools from multiple vendors on multiple workstations. To streamline processes, a standardized, centralized radiology workflow was required.


In partnership with Philips, AU Health designed a new radiology workflow with IntelliSpace Portal at its core. Now AU Health’s radiologists can sit down at virtually any machine in the hospital at multiple clinical sites across Georgia, or even at home, to access current and prior studies of their patients, perform advanced visualization tasks, and view relevant clinical information. This connected environment allows them to work quickly. Turnaround times have decreased by 22%, and the procedural volumes for CR, MR, and AMI studies have increased by 17%.[1]

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2. Based on 255 uninterrupted eighthour workdays per year.


4. Measured in a comparison study, Montpellier, France, 2015 (28 seconds performed manually, 19 seconds using Smart Display Protocol).

5. Compared to the Philips EBW v4.x workstation and Kadavigere, R., Maiya, M., Rao, V., Read, K. Standardized

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