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Nov 27, 2018

Philips wins Dutch SponsorRing award for campaign ‘Philips and Rijksmuseum improve people’s lives in MR scanner’

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On Monday evening 26 November 2018, Philips and the Rijksmuseum were jointly awarded the SponsorRing award for their joint campaign 'Philips and Rijksmuseum improve life in the MRI scanner'. Out of the 15 nominated cases of the total of 58 submissions, Philips and the Rijksmuseum emerged as winners in the Art and Culture category.


The core of the sponsor cooperation is the unique combination of the latest Philips digital MR solution, the Ingenia Elition 3.0T, with a special Ambient Experience theme called Dutch Masters. The aim of Ambient Experience is to make MRI scans more comfortable for patients and to improve the outcomes of the scans by creating an environment of light, sound and images. This special Dutch Masters performance is a result of a collaboration between Philips, the Rijksmuseum and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.


"Philips has undergone tremendous transformation in recent years," said Nanda Huizing, Head of Brand, Communications & Digital at Philips Benelux. "We have made sharp choices and have become a company that focuses on health technology and improving people's lives. But in all those years our partnership with the Rijksmuseum has been a constant. It was up to us to form a meaningful collaboration with the Rijksmuseum with the new Philips. And we did that with images of the old masters, music from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, in order to improve the MR experience for the patient by creating an environment of light, sound and images. As far as I am concerned, this is a wonderful example of how to give a partnership relevant content, and we are proud of that! "


Learn more about the awarded campaign of Philips and the Rijksmuseum.

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