Make life better

Together, we make life better

At Philips, we collaborate with diverse partners to shape the future of healthcare. The pandemic has given us all a new sense of urgency. Every day, around the world, we’re creating innovative solutions to improve care and expand access.
Healthcare beyond borders

Healthcare beyond borders

Africa has less than 2% of the world’s healthcare workers, but bears 25% of the global burden of disease. In Rwanda, we’re connecting local physicians with their counterparts in the US and Europe for real-time ultrasound training and support.
Bedside care

‘Bedside’ care at a distance

The pandemic adds to the pressure on critical-care teams by limiting resources and reducing physical contact. Our tele-ICU remote solution supports on-site clinicians with off-site monitoring, helping the sickest patients get access to critical-care specialists.
Facing the challenge of remote care

Facing the challenge of remote care

Small and remote communities can be hours from the nearest hospital and lack reliable internet connections. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, we’re creating ‘telehealth pods’ in rural areas to bring face-to-face medical care to patients everywhere.
The hospital that comes to you

The hospital that comes to you

Rapidly ageing communities face the twin challenges of limited facilities and restricted mobility. We see the future of healthcare reaching far beyond hospital walls. This vision is coming to life today with specially equipped vehicles that bring the hospital to the patient — as our Chief Design Officer explained to the SXSW conference 2020.

Hands-free health for expecting mothers

Tracking the health of mother and fetus is vital to healthy pregnancy. We’ve developed a non-invasive pod-and-patch system that minimizes physical interactions while continuously monitoring vital signs and intrauterine activity.

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