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True innovation requires an outside in approach. With this in mind, Philips Design has been working with third-party companies for over 17 years.

Over the years, Philips Design has worked with many Fortune 500 brands across the globe in a wide variety of industries including FMCG, Automotive, Medical, IT, Telecom on their business challenges around joint innovation, branding and design.

Initially the consultancy focus was solely on innovation.


The thinking being that by working with external companies, Philips Design would be exposed to new market and different design challenges. What better way to do this than working successfully with external companies as clients to validate expertise?

Consulting Proton Therapy
In the case of Nike, the two companies partnered on an innovation program to explore the potential of wearables, pioneering today’s biometric and fitness tracking devices. In the case of IBA - makers of radiation devices for health and medical use - Philips Design Consulting helped create the full experience around the company’s radiation treatment centers including a connected MRI proposition. These full service treatment centers were ultimately the start of the well-known and highly successful Philips Ambient Experience.
IBA Proton Therapy

Some partnerships have come through organizational change. As Philips has divested several parts of the business some of these businesses have continued as brand license partners, separate companies that still use Philips branding through a license agreement. Philips Design has continued to consult with these businesses to help design products aligned to the Philips brand positioning and guidelines. These include mobile phone, projectors and monitors.


An example of this is Philips Design Consultancy’s work with Bosch after Philips sold its conferencing systems business to the German engineering company. Philips Design remained the design house, delivering product design for this complete range.

‘Philips Design helped set the strategy and delivered the packaging’

Boschlawn Packaging

Overtime the focus of Philips Design Consultancy has shifted to include design capabilities being deployed in collaboration with partner market teams. The objective of these projects has been three-fold. Firstly, to help position Philips as the preferred business partner bring value-add capabilities and services.


Second: To innovate with the market. By working with customers in the design, Philips teams gain first hand access to customer information and can use co-creation methodologies to develop the solutions together with customers. They can validate ideas and have the opportunity to test concepts directly with the market. This speeds up development and ensures all propositions are closely aligned with the needs of the customer. And finally, to support development and realization of commercial opportunities.


This approach has proved successful across all sectors. To take hospitality as an example, Philips Design Consultancy was invited by innovative and entrepreneurial hotel company, Citizen M to help create highly personal, digitally enabled spaces for the short stay, modern traveler.


In the case of theater, Philips Design Consultancy worked with the Muziek Centrum in Eindhoven to extend the use and engagement with the theater, making it a destination even when no content was showing.


Such project examples are just some of the ways in which Philips Design Consulting has firmly embedded itself within the Philips Design roster of capabilities. Where in the beginning it was an addition to the innovation portfolio, it is now an essential support to the Philips strategy in the development and deployment of integrated solutions.

Philips Design Consulting

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