Calum Armstrong

Design Business Partner

Calum Armstrong
"As creatives, we are able to translate and visualize possible future scenarios that create direction and belief."

Calum Armstrong, Design Business Partner

We are an advocate for the user, and we literally ‘learn by doing’. Trends, segmentation and insights ensure we are relevant. Concept testing with consumers ensures our propositions resonate. Co-creation with our partners ensures we deliver the optimal consumer experience. All in all, we want to design in a way that makes people feel our propositions have been crafted in every detail.


We are one of the few departments in the organization that has the ability to carry a consumer insight from concept to market, working with multiple departments along the way. We also have a number of design competencies and tools that enable us to design for the experience of the end-user: understanding trends, people research, segmentation, personas, consumer journeys, usability testing, co-creation with consumers and consumer validation.

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