We care about people's health and well-being

We would like to invite you to find out more about our new five year sustainability program running from 2016-2020 ‘Healthy people, sustainable planet.’
We innovate to deliver, products and solutions that improve people’s health and well-being, as well as invest resources to address social challenges and create healthy communities.
Access to care

We believe everyone should have access to healthcare

We are committed to providing holistic healthcare solutions, and to bringing the benefits of healthcare provision effectively and affordably to as many people as possible.


We are doing this in various ways, including professional and technical healthcare education to achieve a better diagnosis and patient outcomes when using our products. Philips offers professionally refurbished equipment in order to provide high quality and at the same time affordable healthcare systems.


million people

live in urban slums and have limited access to healthcare services¹

We want to help consumers lead a healthy lifestyle

Philips is dedicated to responding to consumers’ aspirations all over the world, inspiring and enabling them to be healthy, live well and enjoy life.


We deliver experiences that meet the social and emotional needs of our customers in their homes, tailored to local needs. From a cup of coffee in the morning, to a healthy meal in the evening. Whether it’s using the best sonic technology to care for your teeth or an innovative laser-guided beard trimmer, Philips innovations improve people’s lives – every day.



Western governments' spending on health is expected to double as a result of aging populations, medical advances and lifestyle trends²
Supporting communities

We are committed to supporting communities

We do this by investing resources in programs that address some of the world’s biggest social challenges. In the field of disaster relief we work together with relief organizations in affected countries to provide expertise in healthcare, energy and logistics as well as crucial equipment and financial donations.


Philips employees can also give something back to their local community through our volunteer program. And our pilot social innovation program uses our expertise in innovation, technology, healthcare and energy to create products and solutions for developing countries’ social, health and energy issues.

1 in 5

Nearly 20%

of people around the world do not have access to reliable lighting³
Green healthcare

We are helping hospitals go lean and green

We are keen to help healthcare systems create facilities that are fit for the demands of the 21st century and make the most of their resources. Care providers are increasingly convinced that such an approach makes good business sense, protects our planet’s natural resources and helps to deliver a higher standard of care.


Philips’ Green Healthcare services support hospitals with a portfolio of propositions to improve the healthcare environment for patients and staff – while at the same time freeing up financial resources through energy cost and circular economy savings in lighting and healthcare equipment. This marks the hospital out as a responsible member of the community.

¹ World Health Organization

² OECD (2013), ‘What Future for Health Spending?’, OECD Economics Department Policy Notes, No. 19 June 2013.

³ World Energy Outlook