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Maternal Mortality

Striving to decrease maternal mortality in Uganda

Threatening the very ‘fabric’ of society, maternal mortality is a serious, and often preventable, healthcare issue in Uganda – an issue that we’re helping to address through strong partnerships.


In 2000, the World Health Report ranked Uganda’s health profile 186th out of 191 countries ¹. Determined to challenge this, we partnered with the non-profit organization, Imaging the World, to help improve the quality of life through meaningful healthcare solutions, education, and research.  

Reaching those in need

To gain perspective, we provided a grant of USD $100,000 to support joint research projects that will offer insight into the impact that ultrasound technology could have on maternal mortality in rural areas.


Additionally, two CX50 portable ultrasound systems along with technical training for those systems were furnished to the Kamuli Mission Hospital. An additional eight ClearVue 350 ultrasound systems (with C5-2 transducers) have been distributed to rural sites throughout Uganda to promote quick and confident diagnoses in rural areas.


This joint project will eventually be scaled to reach 90,000 Ugandans and then will be expanded into three other African countries.

To-date it has shown great promise.

  • There has been a statistical significant increase in deliveries performed with skilled healthcare workers and in the number of antenatal visits
  • An innovative telemedicine model has eliminated the need for a fully trained sonographer at every site
  • Local care relies on healthcare workers and midwives using a three phase educational approach, establishing a “train the trainer” model

1. World Health Organization, The world health report 2000 – Health systems: improving performance. http://www.who.int/whr/2000/en/


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