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Comprehensive maternal health screening program to be rolled out across Kenya

It’s called Mama Ni Uhai (Mother is life) Woman’s Healthcare Screening program – a countrywide initiative to provide Kenyan women with improved access to quality healthcare. Philips, working collaboratively with Nairobi-based Mathare North Health Centre and its partners, will contribute medical equipment, service, and professional training.

Clarifying the need

According to Dr. Moses Owino, Medical Officer of Health in the Kasarani District of Nairobi, the causes of maternal mortality are preventable with timely diagnosis and precise management. Kenya however, must improve its healthcare services to achieve this.


To illustrate, he gives an example – of the local Nairobi population of 3.7 million, an estimated 5% (185,000) are pregnant at any given time. Yet there are no ultrasound services (critical in routine pregnancy monitoring and clinical diagnosis) offered in any public primary health facilities.  

Poised to make a difference

Beginning in Nairobi at the Mathare North Health Centre, the Mama Ni Uhai Woman’s Healthcare Scanning program aims to improve maternal and neonatal care throughout Kenya.


We will support the program with a contribution of:

  • Medical equipment (including ultrasound systems, fetal monitors, vital signs viewers, and Bilirubin)
  • Servicing and technical management of the equipment
  • On-going healthcare professional training


Education and training of healthcare professionals will be central to the success and sustainability of the program.

High expectations

Healthcare officials believe the program can improve access to quality healthcare caused by lack of adequate infrastructure and equipment.


Outcomes will be measured in partnership with the African Population & Health Research Centre, with the intent to scale up and expand the program across Kenya and other countries in East and West, Africa.


Commenting on the contribution of important ultrasound technology, Dr. Owino says, “Women from urban poor and rural and remote areas of Kenya continue to be vulnerable to serious health issues especially during childbirth. We applaud the initiative from Philips to avail this key tool in Mathare North Health Centre.”


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