Engaging with people differently to help them innovate

As an organization committed to delivering meaningful innovation that improves people’s lives, we need to think and act differently to solve complex challenges. To make this possible, Philips Design founded CocreatorLab.


A CocreatorLab is a place where we engage with people differently to help them innovate. Both a philosophy and a way of delivering transformational thinking, behaviors and commercial success, CocreatorLab stems from our commitment to innovation through collaboration. The belief that, by involving different people from different aspects of a challenge, we can reach better solutions.

Each CocreatorLab workshop is set up specifically in response to a challenge or assignment. Held in inspirational spaces and led by trained facilitators using a range of tools and techniques, it has Philips cocreate design thinking at its heart.

An essential part of our future success plan, CocreatorLab makes it possible to facilitate fresh behaviors and thinking, stimulating environments and unique processes that allow our people and teams to go beyond. To work, think, question, explore and imagine at a faster pace in a different space. Together.