While CocreatorLab events closely follow the cocreate philosophy and approach, they make use of an extended range of tools and techniques.

The tools selected will depend on the challenge being considered. They could include: 

Experience flow

Visualizes and plots the user perspective throughout a given experience. It can be used throughout the entire cocreate process.


People research toolkit

Explains and provides helpful tips on different ways of gathering qualitative data about people and their context. This is a key source of people insights.


Stakeholder landscape

Visualizes the landscape of key stakeholders, key settings (locations) and the communication routes between them (information, money, data etc.).


Ideation tools

Ideation tools - a deck of flashcards with different types of creative triggers or techniques.


Business model canvas

A template to ensure that the business model is considered from different perspectives in order to develop alternative business models.


Empathy map

A tool to explore multiple aspects of the relevant stakeholders in order to gain deep insights about them.


Trend mapping

Trend mapping is used in the Discovery stage. The trend mapping tool is in two parts: a set of cards describing relevant trends and a priority poster to map them on.

Storytelling station

A library of tangible and vibrant objects that can be used to spark creativity and storytelling through visual language. The library includes abstract and figurative 3D and 2D objects, whiteboard speech bubbles, magnetic emoticons and whiteboard magnetic post-its.


Framing canvas

A template to frame a challenge or capture different elements of value proposition (hypotheses).


A visual, personal and deep diving description of the motivations of the key target audience.


Selection techniques

Selection techniques - a range of clustering, voting and 2x2 techniques to shortlist ideas.


Scenario thinking

A method for making flexible long-term plans. It is in large part an adaptation and generalization of classic methods used by military intelligence.  


Acting out

Acting out - using theatre or role play to communicate an idea. Acting can be captured using pictures or video.


Wizard of Oz

Simulating the behaviour of a new product, device, service or business proposition.