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We collaborate closely with our suppliers to drive sustainable improvements throughout the value chain

At Philips, it is our purpose to improve people’s lives. This goal extends beyond our innovative products, systems and services to our supply chain. We invest in relationships with suppliers who provide a safe working environment, treat workers with respect, and work in an environmentally sound way.
Our approach

We take a systematic approach to improving the sustainability of our supply chain


By being transparent and engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders – ranging from customers, governments and NGOs to suppliers, employees and investors – we are able to identify issues and opportunities and gain insights that we use to refine our supplier sustainability strategy. We then translate this strategy into dedicated programs designed to help our suppliers improve their social and environmental performance.

Our programs

Our dedicated programs are driving improvements in social and environmental performance in our supply chain


We have developed a number of strategic programs to help our suppliers improve their sustainability performance, thus supporting our ambition to create a healthier, more sustainable world. These programs cover the assessment of supplier sustainability performance, management of regulated substances, conflict minerals, greening the supply chain, improvement of working conditions, and responsible sourcing initiatives.

Our policies

Our policies provide clear guidance on required standards and behaviors


Building upon our company-wide sustainability strategy, our policies set out Philips’ position on topics that are of material importance to the sustainability performance of our supply chain. For a full understanding of the various requirements, please download the respective policies.

Our performance

We are proud of our achievements in advancing supplier sustainability 


At Philips, we are constantly raising the bar as we strive to create a sustainable supply chain. We appreciate the many awards and other forms of recognition we have received for our efforts over the years.

Philips honored for its Supplier Sustainability Performance program with the prestigious 2018 Supplier Engagement Award by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC)
VBDO (Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) Philips winner of Benchmark 2014 ‘A comparison of responsible supply chain practices of global multinationals’ for the eighth year in a row.
DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) Philips sets the benchmark (99%) for responsible supply chain management.
Philips ranked 4th among the top electronics companies on efforts to use and invest in conflict-free minerals in our products.

Find out more

We would like to invite you to find out more about our new five year sustainability program running from 2016-2020

‘Healthy people, sustainable planet.’