We have defined clear policies to help our suppliers meet the required standards in terms of sustainability

Supplier Sustainability Policies

Supplier Sustainability Declaration

The declaration sets out the standards and behaviors we require from our suppliers – and their suppliers – to improve conditions for workers and promote a cleaner environment for local communities.

Regulated Substances List

All suppliers and brand licensees must ensure that all products or parts and product packaging delivered to Philips, as well as some manufacturing processes used to make Philips parts and brand license products, comply with the applicable requirements in this list.

Child Labor Policy

This policy sets out the requirements that we expect our suppliers to comply with regarding the use of child labor. It is aligned with the EICC code of conduct and ILO child labor standards.

Risk Country List

One of the criteria used in the Philips Supplier Sustainability Involvement Program to identify risk suppliers is the country of production. The list of risk countries is based on the Maplecroft Risk Indices for ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Legal and Regulatory Environment’.

Supplier Sustainability Manual

This guide is intended to help suppliers understand Philips' expectations with respect to their performance in the field of social, ethical and environmental management.

Sustainability Policies

Environmental policy

The Philips Global Environmental Policy is a core operating element for the operations of the entire Philips organization. This living document is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it meet the needs of our stakeholders and the environment.