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The Philips-Mackenzie Health partnership model for transforming care delivery  

Creating integrated solutions for today’s healthcare challenges  



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History and change. You can’t have one without the other. More than 80 years ago, Philips opened its first office in Canada to sell the new technology of the day – the X-ray – which gave doctors the ability to see patients in a totally different way, literally. As a Philips employee for the last 35 years, I’ve had the opportunity to witness Philips help make healthcare history again and again by developing and offering innovative solutions in medical imaging, clinical informatics and patient monitoring. Healthcare has never been the same.





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But history has a way of never stopping, and neither does the need for change. Canada is seeing a dramatic rise in chronic and lifestyle diseases as competition for limited healthcare resources intensifies and a digital revolution transforms how we deliver care. Canadians are becoming more involved in their healthcare, and the focus for healthcare in general is shifting to lower-cost alternatives and the ability to provide citizens with healthcare at home, where possible.


So it’s not surprising that hospitals want industry partners with strong consumer and clinical insights who can do more than deliver solutions to business challenges or introduce the latest technologies and gadgets. They want partners who can help them transform how they deliver care.


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That was certainly our vision when Philips joined forces in a historic CAD 300 million, 18-year strategic partnership with Mackenzie Health, a dynamic healthcare leader serving more than half a million people in the southwest York Region of Ontario, Canada. Our mission: to redefine how quality healthcare is delivered using state-of-the-art technology and solutions.


The Philips-Mackenzie Health deal is the largest of its kind in the country’s history and expands Philips’ and Mackenzie Health’s role in the innovative healthcare field. It also demonstrates Mackenzie Health’s commitment to expanding access to quality care across the southwest York Region of Ontario, as well as Philips’ leadership as a partner in the creation of new integrated solutions for today’s healthcare challenges.


Mackenzie Health has been a healthcare trailblazer since 1963, when it opened its flagship hospital, Richmond Hill Hospital, which serves one of the fastest-growing and most diverse communities in Canada. Mackenzie Health is now embarking on an exciting new venture and building a second hospital in Vaughan, Ontario. Mackenzie Health’s “Smart Hospital” vision led them to embrace new technologies and recognize the value of continuous connectivity in a changing healthcare environment. The Mackenzie Innovation Institute, MI², continues to collaborate with healthcare, academia and industry to push the kind of positive disruption that changes the world.


Philips’ century-old leadership in meaningful innovation, our current focus on health technology and our unique Managed Equipment Services model means that there’s a perfect fit between Philips and Mackenzie Health: both of us are on a mission to change the future of patient care. The partnership meets Mackenzie Health’s Smart Hospital vision by providing a range of cutting-edge health technology, IT and operational management support for its Richmond Hill Hospital. And in 2019, the Philips-Mackenzie Health partnership will produce the “Smart” hospital of the future for Canada with the completion of a new approximately 350-bed facility in Vaughan. This will be the first hospital to be built in this region in over 50 years. Mackenzie Health Vaughan Hospital patients will have access to everything from advanced medical imaging to modern surgical services and a state-of-the-art emergency department.


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With early and ongoing access to the latest Philips healthcare innovations and expertise, Mackenzie Health will have the ability to offer best-in-class care. Integrating data analytics and innovative operational and clinical redesign processes will enable Mackenzie Health to continue to evolve while putting a concerted focus where it needs to be – squarely on patient experience and outcomes.


In the ever-changing healthcare world, with the complex array of challenges and opportunities, simply attempting to optimize existing care delivery models is not enough.


To truly meet the needs and challenges of our new era, healthcare solution providers must take a holistic approach that covers the range of consumer needs across the health continuum, from healthy living, to diagnosis and treatment, to recovery. Innovative managed service business models, like the one provided for Mackenzie Health, can help hospitals stabilize, innovate and transform while managing costs, complexity and financial risk.


Healthcare institutions like Mackenzie Health are rethinking the way care is delivered, how data is used and how people collaborate and communicate in more preventive, proactive ways.


Delivering this kind of “all of the above, and more” healthcare is best achieved through long-term partnerships, like that of the Philips-Mackenzie Health agreement. Together, we can accelerate the healthcare revolution, turn obstacles upside-down and transform them into historic opportunities.


Read more about the Philips-Mackenzie Health partnership.


corporateblog ianburns

Iain Burns


CEO Philips Canada  

Since joining Philips in 1980, Iain Burns has made a significant impact on the Canadian division of the leading global health and well-being organization, Royal Philips. He has gained vast knowledge of the organization by applying his leadership and expertise in a series of senior management positions within the Components, Semi-Conductors, Data Systems, Consumer Electronics, Domestic Appliances, Consumer Lifestyle and Healthcare businesses.



In addition to building exceptionally strong teams, Iain has sustained an impeccable track record of delivering strong sales growth and profitability. He has led Philips Canada in the role of President and CEO since 2001, and has played a critical role in elevating the organization’s profile globally and ensuring its continued success.

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