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Jan 01, 2018

A new perspective on MR with Philips

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To unlock the full potential of MR, we need to evolve the way we think. Philips is leading the change.

Magnetic resonance imaging has been making waves in healthcare since the 1980s. Over the last four decades, this amazing technology has evolved to meet changing healthcare requirements. But never before have the demands been as high as they are today.

Recent social and demographic developments are increasing the pressure on healthcare. Aging populations, a growing number of chronic conditions, increased burden of disease, patients living longer with illnesses, and more people having access to healthcare create a complex environment for clinicians and caregivers. In addition, there are four all-pervading objectives (collectively, ‘the quadruple aim’): cut costs, improve population health, ensure patient satisfaction, and keep staff happy.

At Philips, we want to push the boundaries of healthcare and deliver seamless care while meeting the demands of the quadruple aim. And above all, we want to put the patient first. Yet, to achieve all this and take MR to the next level, we need to rethink the way care is managed and delivered. In short, we need an MR mind-shift.

We believe we can extend the reach and the impact of MR. So we’re putting the patient front and center, and gearing everything we do towards them. But what does this mean in practice? We believe health knows no bounds – and neither should healthcare. Our next generation of innovation is built for a world where MR plays a greater role in delivering better care for your patients. It is designed to achieve a simpler, faster, and smarter path to a confident diagnosis – elevating the patient experience and, above all, patient care. By focusing on the patient, we’re providing a new perspective and helping you make a bigger impact.

Meaningful innovations coupled with a fresh point of view can help MR touch more lives than ever before. At this year’s ECR, we’re showcasing some of the solutions that will help bring this vision to life.

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Prodiva1 1.5T MR system. Your possibilities. Enhanced.

Discover our new Prodiva 1.5T scanner. Built on dStream digital broadband technology already proven in over 2000 installations around the world, Prodiva supports clinical decisions and helps you accelerate patient throughput with its Breeze workflow. An intuitive user interface and guided, standardized examination procedures help you get started fast, so that you can perform routine MRI exams from day one. With low installation and siting expenses, continuous uptime support and easy upgrades, you can continue to enhance your possibilities in MR.

prodiva 1.5T

Compressed SENSE1– Speed done right, every time.

In a society where reimbursements are declining yet chronic conditions mean more MR procedures are necessary and waiting times are longer, radiology departments are feeling the pressure. Today’s acceleration techniques come at a cost to image quality or cannot be applied across the full spectrum of routine exams.


Philips has recognized a need for speed in 2D as well as 3D scans for all anatomical contrasts and all anatomies. Our response? Compressed SENSE, a massive data undersampling technique that can be used in both 2D and 3D sequences across all body areas and all anatomical contrasts. As a result, it can be applied to an entire patient examination. Again, if you’d like to learn more, just ask us at ECR!

CS image

Courtesy: Kumamoto Chuo Hospital, Japan, Ingenia 3.0T

Enhanced diagnostic confidence in neuro oncology – with 3D APT

Although MR is already the established gold standard for neuro-oncology, its accuracy can be further improved, and new imaging contrasts and biomarkers are needed. Against this background, we’re excited to unveil 3D APT, our new contrast-free neuro MR technique addresses the need for more confident diagnosis in neuro-oncology.


The APT (Amide Proton Transfer) technique uses the presence of endogenous cellular proteins to produce an MR signal that directly correlates with cell proliferation, a valuable marker in neuro oncology. Philips 3D APT uses the Philips unique patient adaptive MultiTransmit 4D and mDIXON XD technologies. Talk to us at ECR, we’d be happy to tell you more.


Courtesy: Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder, Trier, Germany.

Leading the MR mind-shift

These three innovations underline how Philips is shifting its perception of MR – with innovations that help you work simpler, faster and smarter. We all know the challenges of today’s healthcare environments, but we also know just what an exciting and dynamic field we work in. For me, seeing solutions that can help touch more lives and enhance patient care is a rewarding and uplifting experience.


Next to the innovations mentioned above, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you at ECR. We’ll also be more than happy to tell you about our vision for the future of MR. To find out what Philips is doing in the field of MR and explore our new solutions, please visit us at the booth at ECR 2018 or visit


[1] Pending 510k. Not available for sale in the USA

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Martijn Zwartjes

Martijn Hartjes

Senior Director and Head of Global MR Marketing, Philips
Martijn Hartjes is an experienced healthcare executive with a professional track record in multiple disciplines of the medical device industry. Currently, he serves as senior director, head of global MR product marketing at Philips. In this role, he is responsible for the global MR marketing function, leading product management and clinical portfolio.

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