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Aug 02, 2017

How digital technology can help millennial moms breastfeed for longer

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One of the most important times in any mother’s life—and indeed in the life of her newborn baby—are those first few weeks when breastfeeding becomes an essential routine. This is a period of life that can be enhanced by digital technologies.

Breastfeeding has tremendous short and long term health benefits for both mother and baby, but it’s a sad fact that up to 60% of women who breastfeed stop earlier than they want to.1 The reasons for ceasing are complex and often due to mothers misunderstanding the help and support healthcare professionals (HCPs) can offer. HCPs are in fact positioned to assist women in making informed decisions regarding the breastfeeding of their baby. 1, 2 Furthermore, the good news is that studies show women who ask for advice or have direct access to healthcare professionals are more likely to continue to breastfeed for longer.1


Today’s millennial parents are digital natives and our research shows that 74% of them are open to new technologies supporting them on their parenting journey. The widespread proliferation of handheld digital and mobile devices offer more opportunities for HCPs to connect with new mothers to help provide them with the support and guidance they may need. Philips Avent continues to support parents through uGrow, the first medical baby app of its kind [i] with connected products giving personal advice on their baby’s development that can be directly shared with their HCP. The Pregnancy+ app from Health & Parenting is another useful resource that provides highly trusted information to help mother and baby have a safe and healthy pregnancy.


We know that the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life are the most influential in their development, and breastfeeding is a significant part of this. As a true partner, we are supporting breastfeeding practice globally and are committed to bringing much-needed attention to some of the key barriers to mothers continuing to breastfeed. Philips Avent is continually exploring new solutions to help healthcare professionals and women achieve their breastfeeding goals into the future and actively supports new parents through their journey with uGrow to give personal advice that matters, created in collaboration with professionals and empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions.


We understand how overwhelming becoming a parent can be, and as we believe it’s important for parents to start their journey with a guide that provides them the right information at the right time during those early stages, wherever they may be. As Mother & Childcare experts we have a mission to help improve the lives of three billion people a year by 2025, are delighted to provide much needed support to frontline healthcare professionals and help more mothers to breastfeed for longer.

Dr Victoria Davies, Medical and Clinical Director, Philips Avent


  1. Odom EC, et al. Reasons for earlier than desired cessation of breastfeeding. Pediatrics 2013;131:e726
  2. De Jager M, et al. Eur Obstet Gyn Suppl 2012:25–30.
    Download PDF here; accessed July 17, 2017


[i] The uGrow app is registered as a medical device in the European Union countries under the European Union Regulation Council Directive 93/42/EEC.

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Victoria Davies

Victoria Davies

Global Medical & Clinical Director for Philips Mother & Childcare

She is physiologist and nutritionist, and has a PhD in nutritional biochemistry, focused on breastmilk benefits for preterm infants. She has been working in the area of maternal, infant and toddler health for over 15 years, holding posts in academia, clinical research and private sector.

She has published a number of papers in the field and continues to focus on improving maternal and child health. At Philips she is responsible for medical and clinical programs to ensure a robust evidence base for Philips MCC products and services, as well as engagement and partnership development globally in Mother and Childcare.

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