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Introducing Collectively: The change we need to see in the world  



Richard Wergan

As part of a unique global digital venture, Philips has helped to launch a new project designed to transform the way we live sustainably.

Collectively is a web platform which links together consumers, thinkers, environmentalists, futurists, cutting-edge small businesses and some of the world’s biggest brands to inspire new ways of living and working, to create innovative solutions designed to have minimal impact on the environment and strengthen society.

It’s a platform that will focus on steps that can be taken now and propose ideas for the future – to create, innovate and listen to new concepts that will make our homes, offices and lifestyles more environmentally-friendly. Collectively will also inspire and enthuse consumers to invest in and campaign on ideas that can be scaled up to protect our planet’s precious resources – and also show them the products they can buy to ensure sustainability.

introducing collectively the change

It’s a goal that Philips has long been committed to and, with more than half of the planet living in cities – a figure that is rising all the time – it’s essential that collectives such as Collectively build strong and meaningful partnerships with key stakeholders, brands and entrepreneurs. So we’re proud to collaborate with companies such as Google, Nike, Facebook, Coca-Cola and Unilever to make it happen.

Collectively – which was born from conversations conducted at the World Economic Forum about how to inspire and accelerate more sustainable ways of living – is a content-rich website that will be updated with engaging stories, analysis and tips compiled by an independent editorial team, focusing on everything from fashion to technology.

And users, too, will be asked to inspire others by submitting their own ideas and thoughts on how we can transform our cities, radically change our lifestyles to benefit society and create the type of sustainable change that Philips knows is essential for a better future.

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Richard Wergan

Richard Wergan

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Brand, Communications & Digital

Richard Wergan joined Philips in 2013 with more than 15 years business-to business marketing experience. He has developed and implemented global marketing strategies for well-known brands such as IBM and Xerox, and has also worked across a number of global markets for companies such as Unilever and Young & Rubicam..


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