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The secret of success at Dreamforce



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It isn’t often I can say I’m spending the week with Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, Arianna Huffington and But this week, in California, I’m lucky enough to rub shoulders with those influencers, as well as some of the world’s most dynamic, forward-thinking technology gurus.


The annual Dreamforce convention is regarded as one of the year’s most essential technology events. It makes sense of our disruptive digitised era, provides valuable pointers as to where the market is headed and how it is learning, and is where you can find the most interesting innovations.

It’s the largest software conference on the planet and is organised by one of Philips’ key partners, Salesforce, with whom we are building cloud-based applications to enable healthcare professionals to better administer care and allow our customers a greater degree of independence, no matter what their state of health.

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The company, founded by Marc Benioff, will host more than 130,000 professionals from sales, marketing, technology and business backgrounds in a bid to share best practices in technology innovation, and be given invaluable insight into the future of cloud, social, mobile and connected technologies.


We’ll also see how companies like Philips have dramatically altered their business strategies to better engage with their customers, utilising big data to provide more meaningful innovations.

Aside from the keynote speakers, such as those I mentioned earlier, the four-day event includes 1,400 presentations, discussions and workshops – from start-ups, established multi-nationals, technical luminaries, government spokespeople and a host of celebrities, too.


Philips is there as the featured health technology company, focusing on the power of our HealthSuite Digital Platform. Together with, we’ll be demonstrating the extraordinary potential of combining functionality and capabilities from our respective platforms to change the way consumers engage with the healthcare system and actively manage their own health.


Part of this strategy means that Philips is creating a suite of open application programming interfaces that can be used by developers to create innovative solutions for home, hospital and health systems.

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Attending a convention like Dreamforce is the perfect opportunity to exhibit our collaboration on this open, cloud-based healthcare platform and to show how advanced we are in perfecting the sorts of data-driven, connected technology strategies that we believe will both transform the health and wellbeing industries and give our customers unrivalled care.

It will be an incredible learning experience, and motivating too. But, most importantly, it will be a chance to share our research and innovations with companies around the world, to forge new partnerships and learn from others’ experiences.


The societal problems that Philips is most engaged in tackling and solving – such as rapidly ageing populations, a scarcity of the planet’s natural resources, increased urbanisation, a desire to enable people to take control of their own lives with smart technology, and providing high-tech healthcare in even the world’s most isolated communities – require extensive collaboration.


We’re a company that has come a long way from Anton Philips and his life-changing lightbulb. For us to continue on this journey of inspiring innovation and to meet the formidable challenges that we have set ourselves, events like Dreamforce are essential.


And it will be cool to meet, too!

Blake Cahill

Blake Cahill

Global Head of Digital and Social Marketing

A senior executive with more than 20 years of business development experience, Blake is helping to lead Philips' international rebranding and expansion into new technologies and markets. With a strong background in executing highly complex and results-oriented strategies, Blake has led a series of marketing, creative, client management, product innovation and thought leadership projects for both Fortune 500 organisations and digital start-ups.


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