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Oct 02, 2018

Special report on Cardiovascular Health

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Philips experts recently contributed to a Cardiovascular Health news report, which was published in The Times


Neil Mesher, market leader United Kingdom & Ireland for Philips, said:  “We help to create seamless solutions that connect people, technology and data. This includes our commitment to preventative care, such as through our partnership with the World Heart Federation for World Heart Day, as well as technology that has been designed to improve care within the hospital setting.”


Jeroen Tas, chief innovation and strategy officer for Philips, whose organisation last year launched HeartModel, providing automated 3D echocardiographic analysis, insists cardiologists are urging powerbrokers to embrace machine-learning: “Our Future Health Index shows that globally cardiologists are more likely than healthcare professionals, on average, to use connected-care technology in their practice in any way – 76 per cent versus 65 per cent.”


Jan Kimpen, chief medical officer at Philips: “If I could design it from scratch, it would be a continuum of care, not the fragmented systems we have now. We need to live and eat healthy, not use excessive alcohol, take exercise and not smoke, and I would design a system that helps that through digitisation. It is not about the innovation of products, but how we innovate the healthcare system. We need to push towards value-based outcomes, not volume-driven systems. I am confident we can build a better future because of two reasons: healthcare costs are growing faster than national economies, which is unsustainable; and patients are becoming consumers and their demands are going to shift healthcare systems. It will not happen overnight but it will happen.”


Philips has deep professional expertise in better managing cardiovascular disease to streamline patient care. From definitive diagnoses to minimally invasive interventions to health information management, Philips’ cardiovascular solutions are designed to help improve clinical outcomes, while optimizing hospital stays of cardiovascular patients. From the minute a cardiovascular patient enters the hospital, Philips’ aim is to help deliver the right care in the right amount of time by seamlessly connecting data, technology and people.

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