Philips forms strategic collaborations with industry leaders to inspire action toward net-zero healthcare

Feb 28, 2023

Philips forms strategic collaborations with industry leaders to inspire action toward net-zero healthcare

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European Society of Radiology, Health Care Without Harm Europe and others join forces with Philips at ECR 2023 and beyond to accelerate research, collaboration and education related to decarbonizing radiology

If healthcare were a country, it would be the world’s fifth largest by way of CO₂ emissions, accounting for over 4% of the global total. According to the 2022 Future Health Index global report, only 4% of healthcare leaders worldwide were prioritizing environmental sustainability in 2021. After just one year, that figure jumped to 24%, a nearly seven-fold increase. As an industry, healthcare systems, health technology companies, and other stakeholders have a responsibility to act. While key stakeholders worldwide are beginning to recognize and prioritize the need, a deeper and broader understanding of radiology’s impact on the planet is urgently required to deliver more sustainable and equitable care.  To help achieve this, Philips has prioritized efforts to partner with public and private customers, peers and industry-leading organizations to help reduce environmental impact.

As part of this new alliance, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) will co-host a Sustainability Zone in Philips’ Blue Level exposition area at ECR 2023 with the support of Health Care Without Harm, a global movement for environmentally responsible healthcare. The interactive experience is intended to promote awareness of radiology’s contribution to global CO₂ emissions and inspire action by connecting people, projects and resources around the world. By asking visitors to donate 10 minutes of time to share and discuss their own efforts, challenges and best practices, the Sustainability Zone at ECR will serve as global accelerator for research, collaboration and education related to decarbonizing radiology. Philips will aggregate and share these inputs with all parties who opt-in to help further ideation across the global radiology community.

“Healthcare depends on a healthy planet. Care providers and care technology companies have a responsibility to act,” says Robert Metzke, global head of sustainability at Philips. “We have been carbon neutral in operations since 2020 and continue to innovate and develop scalable solutions that enable our customers to reduce emissions and deliver more sustainable healthcare. These efforts go hand in hand with initiatives by industry leaders such as the European Society of Radiology and Healthcare Without Harm Europe. Together, we can help to further encourage sustainable healthcare practices worldwide.”

“The Sustainability Zone fits well with this year’s ECR theme, ‘Cycle of Life’, intended to reflect the centrality of radiology to healthcare throughout life,” says Adrian Brady, ECR2023 Programme President. “Health leaders worldwide increasingly acknowledge that doing no harm should also include harm to nature, especially considering long-term population health and climate goals. I hope ECR members spare a moment to visit the zone and engage with peers about sustainable radiology.”

As with any complex problem, addressing the harmful impacts of healthcare requires a community focus. Because of their broad reach and respected influence in the radiology community, Philips and ESR are well positioned to connect like-minded radiology professionals and help fuel progress with the furthered support of many notable experts throughout the healthcare industry.

“We’re excited to see Philips and ESR teaming up to make sustainable healthcare a priority at the clinical service level, and also very happy to participate in this important initiative,” said Will Clark, Executive Director of Health Care Without Harm Europe. “Radiology leaders and subject matter experts have a golden opportunity to come together to find more sustainable solutions within their community, and this initiative at ECR serves as an excellent catalyst for change.”

The Sustainability Zone is located on Level 2 of the ECR 2023 congress floor, at Philips @ The Blue Level. The area can be accessed during regular exhibition hours from March 1-4. On Wednesday, March 1, between 15:00 and 17:00 CET, Philips and its partners will host an opening for ECR members to experience and learn first-hand about the advancements and available solutions in radiology specific to sustainability, including Philips Circular Edition systems. Regular guided tours will be organized, and a Meet the Experts session featuring sustainability experts will take place at 16:00 CET.

Join Philips in person at the Blue Level at ECR, or virtually via the Philips interactive online radiology experience and follow @PhilipsLiveFrom for #ECR2023 updates throughout the event.

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