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Shaping the future of health together

About the Future Health Index


The Future Health Index (FHI) is a research-based platform designed to help determine the readiness of countries to address global health challenges and build sustainable, fit-for-purpose national health systems.  By examining the role of technology in the health system, the aim of FHI is to provide actionable insights to healthcare professionals, governments and patients that will also improve their experience with healthcare.


In 2016 FHI measured perceptions to produce a snapshot of how healthcare is experienced on both sides of the patient-professional divide. In 2017 these perceptions were compared to the reality of health systems in each country researched. In 2018, the FHI was released in three parts over the course of the year. The first addressed how value can be best measured and assessed in a national health system; the second looked at how data collection and analysis can drive better healthcare outcomes; and the third focused on how telehealth technologies can enable better health experiences for patients and healthcare professionals.


The 2019 FHI explores the experiences of both healthcare professionals and the general population in their health systems through two aspects of the Quadruple Aim: improved patient experiences and improved healthcare professional experiences. It looks to understand knowledge and appetite for using digital health technologies – namely digital health records (DHRs), telehealth and artificial intelligence (AI) – and how they affect the way both healthcare professionals experience healthcare. DHRs, telehealth and AI were selected for their current levels of adoption, as well as their potential to transform healthcare experiences. By exploring experiences and attitudes, the FHI suggests paths towards broader acceptance and adoption of data-driven healthcare, while offering insights into factors that may be impeding more widespread use of digital ways of working.

The Future Health Index 2020 report builds on the findings of the previous reports by examining the expectations and experiences of younger healthcare professionals aged under 40 and how they can be empowered to meet the demands of tomorrow’s healthcare.

As the first global survey of its kind, the Future Health Index 2020 report features intriguing insights into the next generation of healthcare professionals, a group that will form most of the healthcare workforce over the next 20 years. The research explores this group’s expectations around technology, training and job satisfaction, and the reality of their experiences as healthcare professionals. The research gives a clear mandate to healthcare leaders to respond to the concerns of this younger generation of healthcare professionals.


A full list of sources for all five years of FHI reports is available here.


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