Human-centered innovation

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Today, it’s impossible to innovate on your own. Effective innovation calls for a collaborative, design approach that puts people at the center from the start. We call this Cocreate. 

Faster, better, more effective solutions

Cocreate allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of people in a specific context. It helps you sharply articulate their challenges and what they really value. You discover new and unexpected solutions, make these tangible and test them rapidly to understand how they improve people’s lives. It’s all about doing, learning and adapting as you go.

Cocreate facilitates innovation

Our proven Cocreate tools and methodology can be applied at every level of the design process. On a strategic level, we help scout for opportunities and decide where to act and what to focus on. On a conceptual level, we help define and accelerate ideas into propositions and concepts. And on an executional level, we work with you to translate propositions and concepts into products and services.

Whatever the project, three principles inspire the Cocreate process:

It's all about the user

Get under their skin. Involve them at every stage, in every decision. 

Diversity matters 

It takes different people, disciplines and experiences to break out of the box. 

Explore everything

Solve your challenge on three perspectives: user experience, technical feasibility and business viability.

Our proven approach to deliver better experiences


To understand people and their challenge, we immerse ourselves in their world and explore the wider context of the challenge.


Based on the current situation, we define the challenges and opportunities at hand.


To transform insights into ideas, we explore creatively then analyze and converge on the right ideas.


To make ideas tangible, we build prototypes, test them with users and draw insights to move forward.

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Cocreate collaboration
With Cocreate, we can rapidly unleash the collective energy and full creative power of Philips, our partners and customers."

Sean Carney, CEO Philips Design

Experienced coaches to guide you

Cocreate coaches work with internal and customer teams to keep on track from start to finish. They’re experts at consolidating and synthesizing ideas into clear strategies, propositions and solutions. They orchestrate cross-disciplinary collaboration. And they motivate teams to embrace different ways of thinking and doing. 
Cocreate coaches

Spaces to inspire

Cocreate spaces to inspire
Cocreate experience lab
We operate five dedicated Cocreate spaces around the world —designed to inspire you to think differently and promote creativity and collaboration. They include flexible areas, stimulating materials, modular furniture and tools for every need. A Maker’s Space and Experience Lab provide everything to challenge stakeholders throughout the process and help them make solutions tangible. A temporary dedicated space near your location is also an option.


Cocreate spaces can currently be found in five locations around the world. If your team cannot visit one of our dedicated spaces, we can recreate our lab conditions in the form of temporary pop-ups.
Cocreate locations

1. Cambridge

2. Eindhoven

3. Bangalore

4. Shanghai

5. Singapore

Tools and techniques

We’ve developed special tools and techniques to help solve problems and stimulate new thinking. Our Philips Cocreate Toolkit helps all participants in a workshop — experienced or inexperienced, confident or introverted — to visualize and share their thinking.
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Cocreate toolkit
Our unique Philips Cocreate Toolkit enables all participants in a workshop to visualize their thoughts.
Cocreate toolkit

Design expertise

A wide range of design experts are ready to help and provide fresh perspectives.
  • People research
  • Fore sighting
  • Product design
  • UI design
  • Service design
  • Communication design
  • Digital design
  • Architecture design

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