Recent innovations

For decades Philips Research has fueled Philips with new breakthrough innovations that had significant impact in various markets. Today, Philips Research is fully geared to bring meaningful innovations in health and well-being. To give you an impression of the projects we are working on, we listed some below:

Philips AVENT Natural bottle & Comfort breast pump

Philips explored the needs of mothers and babies to create a range that gave mothers the best experience, with the aim of helping them breastfeed their babies for longer. Research included a clinical study that confirmed the importance of comfort in helping mothers produce milk.


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Healing Environments

There is growing scientific evidence that environmental factors such as light and sound affect our well-being. While we all know instinctively that sunshine makes us happier and certain noises relax or annoy us, research also suggests that environmental factors can help regulate our body clocks and stress levels. And that can have a noticeable impact on how we recover from illness and injury. Philips has long been exploring how this knowledge can be used to improve patient experience and promote recovery.


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Philips Sonicare AirFloss

Originally launched in 2011, the Sonicare AirFloss has impressed customers and clinicians alike with the way it makes flossing easier and more enjoyable. Using micro-droplet technology, it delivers a rapid burst of air and water droplets that gently removes plaque between the teeth and helps to improve gum health.


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