Meet our people

Delivering on our commitment to improve people’s lives with meaningful innovations always starts with a single idea from engaged individuals. Inquisitive people who look beyond their own area of expertise and who are connected to society.

Challenged by a multidisciplinary global team of experts including psychologists, sociologists, technologist and IT specialists, an idea is shaped into a concept ready for field testing with partners, customers and end users from all over the world. We dare to let people from one area move across boundaries, to work on projects in other areas, which is not only a great benefit to them, but also increases chances for new out-of-the-box ideas.


Our people… our greatest asset

By involving people early in our research and development, we ensure that the innovations from Philips Research are thoroughly scientifically validated and fit best to existing needs in the market. And we have the right people who can go the extra mile to bring an innovation towards implementation and production. This makes our people our greatest asset.

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