Armin Kohlrausch

Philips Research Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Armin joined Philips Research in 1991. Having obtained a PhD in applied physics from the university of Göttingen, Germany, his main scientific expertise lies in human-sound perception, with extensions into subjective room acoustics, speech perception and multisensory perception.


A major impact of this work for Philips lies in the development of models for human aural perception, which form an essential part of modern audio-coding algorithms, enable the work on audio content analysis and have been used in audio watermarking.


More recently, his interest has extended to cognitive aspects of sound, such as the relation between sound and mental states, and in particular the distracting and annoying effects of sound.


Armin has a part-time professorship at the Eindhoven University of Technology, is a fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and serves as Associate Editor for the Journal Acta Acustica.